Externships are experiential learning opportunities that give students practical experiences for academic credit. Similar to job shadowing, externs are closely supervised by attorneys who will walk them through day-to-day routines at the company or organization. The experience allows students to apply their coursework learning to a real life setting. Externships offer samples of career possibilities. It is a chance for students to observe and ask questions.

Externships can lead to opportunities after students complete their studies. They are also a source of networking contacts.

Externships are not only conducted for the benefit of the extern, but for the host as well. Both parties get a chance to observe one another. Successful externships could lead to recruitment possibilities which would be based on a thoroughly informed decision.

Externship Opportunities

Nebraska Law has many established externships. Our students have recently obtained valuable experience and received academic credit while working at the following offices:

  • UNL Athletic Compliance Office
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Nebraska Attorney General’s Office
  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Lancaster County Attorney
  • Lincoln City Attorney’s Office
  • Office of Dispute Resolution
  • U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee
  • Douglas County Public Defender’s Office
  • Federal Public Defender’s Office
  • Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
  • Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission
  • The Honorable William Jay Riley
  • The Honorable Joseph Bataillon
  • The Honorable Travis O’Gorman
  • The Honorable Leigh Ann Retelsdorf
  • Office for Immigration
  • Douglas County Juvenile Court
  • Sarpy County Juvenile Court
  • ACLU
  • Boys Town
  • Families & the Law
  • Legal Aid
  • Mediation Center
  • Mediation West
  • Nebraska Appleseed Center Lincoln
  • Nebraskans for Civic Reform
  • The Arc of Nebraska

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