Field Placements (Externships)

Connect Your Education to the Real World

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The Field Placement (Externship) program supports experiential learning opportunities via student placements outside the college. Placements vary from non-profits, to government and military, to law firms, and companies. The experience allows students to apply their learning in a real life setting while still benefiting from classroom and peer support.

Students often have a lot of questions about what externships are, how they work, and how many hours are required. Please check out the helpful Checklist and Student Frequently Asked Questions page.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Checklist

Considering an Externship:
Finding a Placement

Students are responsible for finding and securing their own placements, but the Director of Externships, the Career Development Office, and the whole faculty are here to help! In addition to positions posted as externships, unpaid internship positions are often a wonderful way to find a placement and make it tenable to take an unpaid position with the government or a nonprofit.

If you're an employer seeking a student, we'd love to help you post a position and identify a great fit for your office.

Career Development Office

Considering an Externship: 
The Class

The Field Placement (Externship) Courses are the required classroom components for Nebraska Law students completing field work. The general course is offered for both first and second time placements, and is designed to complement fieldwork. It is offered every fall, spring, and the summer. The course faciltates thoughtful reflection about student experiences and enhances and improves student practice skills. 

Externship Course

Board Service Program

Before You Start:
Student Forms to Create an Externship

The Student Proposal form is required to register for your externship. This form should be completed once a student has a secured placement and has confirmation from their onsite supervisor.

Question on proposal deadlines, credit hours, enrollment, or eligibility? Check out the credit hours chart on the Student Frequently Asked Questions page. 

The summer 2024 externship course is now full. See SharePoint for details. Student Proposals for fall 2024 are welcome!

Student Proposal

Before You Start: 
Onsite Supervisor Forms and Manual

A student's onsite supervisor must submit the Supervisor Agreement form before a student may register for credit. The supervisor manual must be reviewed and agreed-to when submitting the agreement. 

Supervisor Agreement

Supervisor Manual

During Your Placement:
Educational Planning and Time Logs

The Educational Planning form is to assist the student and the onsite externship supervisor in the discussion and formulation on of mutual educational goals for the semester and to think about mechanisms for achieving those goals. This should be completed while together, virtually or in person, prior to or very near the beginning of the placement.

Educational Planning

Students are responsible for managing their own time logs and turning in that information to their onsite supervisors and the college. Once registered, students can access the time log template in Canvas. Different offices and businesses may also require the student to fill in other logs for their administrative purposes. 

During and After Your Placement:

The purpose of the mid-semester and final evaluations is to provide the student and the Director of Externships feedback on the student's performance. Students will contact supervisors with timelines for these forms, but generally they are done at the halfway point and at the conclusion of the placement.

Preferably, the supervisor and the student will schedule time to discuss it. Supervisor feedback is most valuable when the student has the opportunity to ask questions - and practice the difficult skill of receiving feedback.

Performance evaluations are required for academic credit.

Mid-Semester Student Evaluation

Final Student Evaluation

The Placement Evaluation form should be completed by the student at the end of the field placement experience. This must be completed before the end of the summer session or semester.

Placement Evaluation

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Professor Elsbeth Magilton
Director of Externships