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The College of Law Buildings (McCollum Hall, Schmid Law Library, Welpton Courtroom Annex, and Schmid Clinic Addition) were upgraded on Saturday, May 8, 2021 to utilize the University of Nebraska's newest networking technology - providing better coverage, faster backbone connection speeds, and better, stronger security.

Faculty and staff returning to work on-campus should book an appointment for Unified Network Re-Onboarding - our I.T. staff will meet with you in your office to reconfigure your computer for its secure network connection and re-connect you to our networked printers, and we'll make sure that your system is up-to-date with the latest, correct, supported Office, cloud storage, and security apps. Appointments are available throughout each weekday. Please click below to use our easy and quick form and reserve your preferred appointment time. Thank you!

Book My Appointment for Unified Network Onboarding

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Law College I.T. Office - Room 170, Schmid Law Library402-472-3206 - Voicemails go to all IT staff.

Chris Evans
- 402-472-5010 / / Zoom ID: 402 472 5010
Richard McDermott - 402-472-8020 / / Zoom ID: 402 472 8020
Alex Reinkordt - 402-472-7394 / / Zoom ID: 402 472 7394 

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Huskertech Help Desk - 402-472-3970 / / 7:30am-7:30pm Mon-Fri
Note: Incoming email support tickets might auto-assign to College of Law, not to the Huskertech help desk, based on your employee department affiliation. We will re-route your ticket to the correct service team as soon as we see it!

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