Degree Programs


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As a Nebraska College of Law student, you will be immersed in an educational experience that is flexible, unique and designed to your passions and goals. Our specialized programs provide opportunities to work with Nebraska Law faculty, who are national leaders in their areas of expertise. They will help guide you as you strive to reach your goals.

Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Our JD degree program provides a traditional foundation in legal analysis and critical reasoning, along with the opportunity to specialize your learning in an individualized program of study alongside a faculty member.

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Joint Degrees

You can receive a juris doctor and a master’s degree in one of nine other disciplines by pursuing a joint degree.


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3+3 Program

Qualified students may begin working on their juris doctor degree after three years of undergraduate studies. This program allows you to take law classes to fulfill undergraduate requirements, and complete an undergraduate and juris doctor degree in only six years.

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Space, Cyber, & National Security Law

This first-of-its-kind program prepares professionals for the ever-changing field of creating and adapting laws and regulations to new technological advances. The program offers concentrations for JD students, and full and part time LLM options.

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Master of Legal Studies

The Master of Legal Studies is ideal for students who may not want to pursue the practice of law, but want a better understanding of the legal process and procedure.

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