Immigration Clinic

The Immigration Clinic was established in 1998.  Its purpose is to give students an intensive, year-long experience working in-depth on immigration cases on behalf of low-income clients in need of legal assistance.  Because of the nature of the work and the clientele, and the amount of time students will devote to the Clinic, students interested in the Immigration Clinic must apply and go through an application process.  The application process usually occurs in February of each year.  Students applying to participate in the Immigration Clinic must commit to being in the Clinic from the May after their second year until May of the year in which they graduate.   The types of cases handled by students vary with the needs of the clientele, but generally include such matters as family-based immigrant cases, deportation defense, asylum cases (both affirmative and defensive), Special Immigrant Juvenile visa cases, post-conviction claims based on failure of defense counsel to advise of immigration consequences of criminal proceedings, and other like matters.  Although they will inherit an ongoing caseload, students in the Immigration Clinic have a fair amount of discretion in deciding what types of new cases to take, and will have some flexibility to tailor those types of cases to their areas of interest.

Crimmigration Analysis Memos for Criminal Defense Counsel

Beginning September 30, 2019, students in the Immigration Clinic at the University of Nebraska College of Law, under the supervision of Professor Kevin Ruser, are available, on a limited basis, to consult with criminal defense counsel regarding possible immigration consequences their non-citizen clients may face as the result of clients’ involvement with the Nebraska state criminal justice system. The dates during which the Immigration Clinic’s services are available are: September 30 to November 22, 2019, and January 13 to April 17, 2020. Complete the Email Template Request found below and send it to Professor Kevin Ruser at Additional information can be found in the Consultation Agreement. Contact Professor Kevin Ruser at with questions.

Immigration Questionnaire  Consultation Agreement  Email Format for Consultation 

The Nebraska Criminal Law Practitioner's Guide to Representing Non-Citizens in State Court Proceedings

The goals of this Guide are to give Nebraska criminal law practitioners and judges an overview of the federal immigration system, acquaint them with immigration issues that may arise as the result of state criminal proceedings, and analyze various Nebraska criminal statutes in terms of their potential immigration consequences.

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