Dean's Advisory Board

The Dean’s Advisory Board is a group of alumni comprised of approximately 70 members who serve on the board at the invitation of the dean. The Advisory Board is tasked with providing the dean with feedback and advice regarding the general business operations of Nebraska Law. This advice and feedback is given at semi-annual meetings of the board as well as through the working groups of the board. Each advisory board member serves on a working group led by the faculty member or administrator that specifically address the priorities of the College. The working groups and the responsible faculty member or administrators are:

  • Executive Committee (Dean Richard Moberly) - Comprised of one member of each subcommittee
  • Operations (Dean Richard Moberly)
  • Career Development (Assistant Dean Tasha Everman)
  • Alumni Engagement and Reunions (Assistant Director Katie Pfannenstiel)
  • Diversity and Inclusion / Underserved Law Opportunities Program (Associate Dean Anna Shavers)
  • Professional Skills Development (Assistant Dean Molly Brummond)
  • Law + Business (Professor Adam Thimmesch)
  • Rural Law Opportunities Program (Professor Anthony Schutz)
  • Admissions (Assistant Dean Tracy Warren)
The entire board will meet two times per year – once in the fall in connection with reunions and once in the spring in connection with the Dean's Advisory Board Awards gathering. In addition to the two meetings of the entire Board, the Executive Committee will meet with the Dean twice throughout the year.  Other working groups may meet via teleconference throughout the year as needed.

Interested in serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board? Contact Molly Brummond.

Dean's Advisory Council Working Groups

Operations: Sam Hohman*, Emily McElravy, Mike Pallesen, Tara Stingley, John Zimmer, Ben Harris, Daniel Dawes, Bob Caldwell

Career Development: Odies Williams*, Tara Paulson, David Schwenke, Sen. Ben Nelson, Tom Chapman, Yohance Christie, Angela Corpus, Lynn Hendrix

Alumni Engagement and Reunions: John Anderson, Dayna Langdon, Earl Scudder*, Patricia Winter, Rick Berkshire, Damon Barry, Dick Schmoker, Frank Labrador

Diversity and Inclusion/Underserved Law Opportunities Program: LaShawn Young, Hon. Vernon Daniels, Arianna Eddy, Kate Martz, Amber Shavers, Kendra Weston, Laura Antonuccio, Trevor Brass, Lily Amare*, Jan Gradwohl, Jose Soto, Stephanie Stacy, Scott Moore

Professional Skills Development: Mike Rogers, Joy  Kathurima, Patti Peterson*, Teresa Luther, Deb Gilg, Graten Beavers, Bobby Truhe, Gail Perry, Stan Feurberg

Law + Business: Bart Dillashaw, David Milligan, David Arnold, Andy Massey, Erin Ebler Rolf, Mike Dunlap*, Emily Campbell, Max Rodenburg, Miranda Hobelman

Rural Law Opportunities Program: Anna Stehlik*, Maggie Jackson, Jennifer Bear Eagle, Tom Maul, Jan Chvala Krotter, Kurt Arganbright, Kara Ronnau

Admissions: Steve Maun*, Kate Fitzgerald Kucera, Eartha Johnson, Laurie Meyers, Reginald Young, Marianna Moguel, Bill Dittrick, Karey Skiermont, Steve Henning

*Executive Committee Member

Dean's Advisory Board Awards

The College of Law is proud of the many and varied accomplishments of its alumni. The Dean’s Advisory Board honors two alumni, one faculty member, and one third-year law student at the Dean's Advisory Board Awards program each year.

Dean's Advisory Board Awards