Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law

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We believe that to advance humankind, space, cyber and telecommunications law is critical to the future.  As technology continues to evolve and humans continue to reach upwards, the laws and regulations that protect citizens and serve industries must change too. Our alumni are at the forefront of this wave of change. Space, cyber, and telecommunications law and policy touch every satellite, every phone call, every online transaction.

Since 2008, Nebraska Law has offerred an LL.M. degree in space, cyber, and telecommunications law, making our full curriculum also available to our Juris Doctorate (J.D.) students as a concentrated program of study. Graduates of the program have gone on to careers working for private companies like SpaceX; for civilian agencies like the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab; for military operations such as the U.S. Cyber Command and Space Operations; as well as for think tanks and law firms. 

In 2013 the University of Nebraska College of Law broke new ground as the only doctoral-level space law program in the United States, offering a J.S. D. in Space Law. Research-focused and dissertation-based, the J.S.D. program requires students to write a book-length thesis about an aspect of space law. The degree broadens opportunities for experienced lawyers and legal scholars to delve into the very intricate and complex issues facing the regulation of outer space activities in an in-depth manner. The program also offers an Executive Certificate program from practicing attorneys looking to specialize in a specific area of our curriculum. J.D. students at Nebraska Law also benefit from our expansive space, cyber, and telecommunications law curriculum and may design a program of study in this field.

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