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Space Law Network

The University of Nebraska has received a $250,000 NASA Space Law pilot-program grant to create a nationwide network of students, faculty and practitioners interested in space law and policy. Read the Press Release.

Information about the first opportunity for students from across the country to attend the American Branch of International Law Association’s (ABILA) International Law Weekend, including NASA Space Law Grant activities and the ABILA Space Law Panel is now available (see linked pdf), though stipend applications have closed. Students in the local area and self-funded students are still welcome to join the Space Law Network (SLN) sessions, but due to room size, meal orders, and grant reporting obligations, they still must register via the InfoReady NASA Nebraska portal. Only 15 spots are available due to room capacity. These student must register by noon cst Tuesday October  16th and will be notified by 5:00pm cst on Tuesday if they are selected to attend the SLN sessions.

The NASA Grant Space Law Network website will be available here soon.

The Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program is proud to share our 2017-2018 Annual Review, celebrating our 10th anniversary. Also available is our current academic year Event Calendar, highlighting our public engagements in an easily downloadable PDF format.


Many are the links between space and music – music as the most abstract of arts often offering the most appropriate means to capture and reflect the out-of-the-ordinary character of outer space, where words may easily seem to come up short.

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