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Continuing Legal Education & Programming

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We're committed to our alumni and friends and proud to offer a variety of programming opportunities throughout the academic year. Our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs allows Nebraska Law faculty and distinguished guests to share their efforts to address current legal issues through legal research and scholarship.

Outside of presentation-style opportunities, the Attorney-Student Mentor Program focuses on maximizing the Nebraska Law experience, professional goal-setting, and developing a professional network for the student. These experiences are all wonderful opportunities to connect with the Nebraska Law community of students, faculty and fellow alumni.

Some of our programming opportunities are offered in person, remotely via Zoom, and/or both.
Please refer to each program separately for the ways in which you can attend.

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Diversity Statements and the First Amendment

February 26, 2024

Keith Whittington, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics at Princeton University

Diversity statements have become a common component of applications for faculty positions and student admission at universities across the country. They have also become politically controversial, with several states banning the use of such requirements at public universities. The use of diversity statements also raises difficult constitutional questions under the First Amendment at public universities and academic freedom questions at both public and private universities. Although there are versions of such statements that might pass constitutional muster, as commonly designed and implemented the use of diversity statements likely violates both First Amendment and academic freedom principles.

This program has been approved for 1.0 continuing legal education (professionalism & ethics) credit in Nebraska.


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Planting Law and Democracy in Sustainable Soil

March 4, 2024

Professor Bruce Ledewitz, Adrian Van Kaam Endowed Chair in Scholarly Excellence and Professor of Law at Duquesne University

During his lecture, Ledwitz will discuss a lack of hope and disparagement of truth are endangering American public life. We can sustain constitutional democracy only when we begin to recover from the cultural nihilism engendered by the Death of God. Law school needs to become a place where students can investigate what kind of beings we are and what kind of universe we live in.

This program has been approved for 1.0 continuing legal education credit in Nebraska.


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Attorney-Student Mentor Program

Mentoring serves as a bridge between the theory and the practice of law. Participants in this program create supportive attorney-student relationships, focus on professional and career goal-setting and developing a professional network for the student.

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