Field Placement (Externship) Form E: Final Evaluation of Student

The purpose of this final evaluation is to provide the student and the Director of Externships feedback on the student's performance. Preferably, the supervisor and the student will schedule time to discuss their performance and you may use this form to guide that discussion if helpful. Your feedback is most valuable when the student has the opportunity to ask questions - and practice the difficult skill of receiving feedback.

Supervisors may express any confidential concerns or feedback directly to the Director of Externships, Elsbeth Magilton at 

Final Evaluation Directions: The following evaluation will ask you to assess the student's capabilities in multiple areas using the following metric. We also welcome optional written comments you may have at the end of the form.

  • Exemplary (Practice Ready): Excellent work for a law student – on a job, the student could perform well with minimal supervision. As applied to the professionalism component of this evaluation, the student acted in a manner that comports with the level of professionalism you would expect of an attorney working in your office.
  • Competent: Proficient work for a law student – on a job, the student would need some input from a supervising attorney before the student was ready to represent clients. As applied to the professionalism component of this evaluation, the student acted in a manner that you would expect of a law student but would need to increase the level of professionalism if working as an attorney.
  • Developing: Work needs additional content or skills to be competent – on a job, the a supervising attorney would need to fix mistakes.
Improved Legal Research Skills: found correct sources; stated relevant law from appropriate authorities. Required
Legal Analytical Ability: correctly identified and analyzed legal issues based upon relevant law and policy; made appropriate comparisons and distinctions to the case at hand based upon the applicable law and policy. Required
Problem Solving Skills: identified the relevant facts and issues and explored all potentially viable options given the facts, issues, and law. Required
Use of Law and Facts: used the relevant facts and law and made reasonable inferences and, where applicable, clearly explained the law and how it applied to the problem/case. Required
Handling of questions: answered questions with ease; elaborated and explained when answering all questions. Required
Oral Delivery: tone, pacing, physical gestures, and voice modulation contributed to the presentation. Required
Ethical Knowledge and Behavior: identified and analyzed ethical issues and informed supervisor of such; observed client confidentiality and other ethical rules. Required
Office Demeanor: followed office procedures; kept regular and dependable hours; was punctual; acted in a professional manner while at the externship site. Required
Time Management: met deadlines; managed time effectively. Required
Interaction with Others: interacted effectively and respectfully with lawyers, clients, staff, adversaries, and others. Required
Learning from experience: asked appropriate questions; learned from feedback, critique, observations, and experience; reflected critically and honestly about own performance. Required
I recommend the student receive a grade of..
This recommendation will be taken into account with the mid-semester evaluation and other feedback provided by the student and placement regarding their onsite work.