At the heart of the Nebraska Law community are more than 35 Student Organizations that develop programming and social events that appeal to students and faculty alike. Whether you choose one organization in which to play a major role or multiple organizations in which to be a member, your participation provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills that you will put to work as a lawyer as well as to begin to build your professional network.

Organization List

Allies & Advocates for LGBTQ Equality

A student-led legal organization dedicated to promoting positive advocacy, raising awareness on legal issues affecting the LGBTQ community, and providing safe spaces for students, faculty, and alumni at Nebraska Law. Our officers operate under a strict confidentiality policy and we welcome any and all questions from prospective and current students. For more information, feel free to visit our blog at or email us at

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

exists to allow interested students at the College of Law to explore the field of alternative Dispute Resolution, a field whose principal focus is dispute resolution external to the judicial system, such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation.

American Constitution Society

The mission of the American Constitution Society is to harness values of compassion and respect for each individual, and to reincorporate them into American law and politics, in order to build a stronger and more decent national community. We believe that the Constitution, and by extension, many other areas of American law, can be understood only by reference to principles of decency, reason, humanity and compassion. We believe that those who enforce the law must have concern for the way in which it affects the lives of the people who make up the nation in which we live. We seek to restore the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice to their rightful place in American law. We want to strengthen the intellectual underpinnings of and the public case for a vision of the law in which these values are paramount. Our goal is a rekindling of the hope that by reason and decency, we can create an America that is better for us all.

Anti-Trafficking Legal Advocacy Society (ATLAS)

ATLAS is an organization of law students passionate about combating the injustice of human trafficking. We do so by raising awareness among the law school community by hosting speakers, documentary screenings, events, and by engaging in dialogue with our colleagues. ATLAS recognizes that law students will someday be legislators, judges, Attorney Generals, Governors, professors, and other people of influence. We believe that it is not only important for them to be aware of human trafficking, but to understand the many factors that play a role in its existence, with the  hope that it will motivate these future professionals to seek solutions and address human trafficking in their professional capacities. We also work to build relationships with Anti-Trafficking organizations and help students interested in this field seek career opportunities.

Armed Forces Legal Society

The Armed Forces Legal Society has three main objectives within the law college: to build awareness of military legal careers, create volunteerism and advocacy opportunities for veterans rights, and to help foster a community for retired or active duty military students and their families to help promote their integration into the college.

Christian Legal Society (CLS)

CLS provides a forum for discussion of the ethical and moral issues in law today as they relate to Christianity. CLS is geared toward promoting the concept of the Christian lawyer and in providing the fellowship and impetus necessary for the student's development toward that end.

Community Legal Education Project (CLEP)

CLEP provides law students with the opportunity to teach elementary students about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and other legal issues. Starting early during the spring semester, law students go into local elementary classrooms once a week for six weeks to teach prepared lessons.

Delta Theta Phi (DTP)

DTP is a professional law fraternity. DTP is the largest legal fraternity at Nebraska Law and has a vast national network of alumni. DTP members have access to an outline bank which helps students succeed in law school. All outlines are screened and require a B+ grade in order to be submitted. In addition to the Big Brother/Big Sister Program, DTP is in charge of the annual law school Halloween party, spring mixer, and other exciting social events. Established in 1900, DTP boasts student members who are leaders in their schools, law reviews, moot court, and alumni members. Delta Theta Phi is the only law fraternity with an authoritatively recognized law review, The Adelphia Law Journal.

Environmental and Agricultural Law Society

Environmental and Agricultural Law Society facilitates awareness and discussion of the law concerning the use of natural resources and the protection of the environment. The society provides a vehicle for its members to work cooperatively on research projects, legislation, and other activities of interest. Sign-up to participate.

Equal Justice Society

Equal Justice Society is a member of the National Association for Public Interest Law (NAPIL) and was organized to promote awareness and involvement in such public interest areas as civil rights, consumer and environmental rights, international, immigration, and human rights law, criminal law, labor law and representation of the poor. The Equal Justice Foundation provides its members with information about public interest law and legal employment and training opportunities in public interest areas.

Federalist Society

Federalist Society is an association of conservative and libertarian law students whose political viewpoints may differ on specific issues but who all share the concern that the law is sometimes used to destroy individual rights and liberties rather than to preserve them. The purpose of the organization is to provide like-minded individuals with an opportunity to interact and to promote an awareness of common beliefs.

Greater Nebraska Connections

Greater Nebraska Connections is a new organization for law students who are interested in practicing law in Nebraska outside of Lincoln and Omaha, and in surrounding states. This organization will network with attorneys and young professionals across the state, assist the Nebraska Bar Association in strengthening placement of law graduates in Greater NE, and influence the direction of this new organization. Members will also have the opportunity to collaborate with greater Nebraska communities to develop relocation incentives for attorneys and other young professionals.

Health Law and Ethics (HLE)

HLE is a student organization established to foster awareness, critical thought and debate about topics in health care, law and ethics. HLE is dedicated to the purpose of facilitating opportunities for collaboration and networking between a diverse body of University of Nebraska students and the greater health care community.

International Law Student Association (ILSA)

International Law Student Association enables law students who are interested in international law and international trade to continue their education in this field beyond the classroom. Activities include: sponsoring the Jessup International Moot Court competition; counseling on graduate level and summer programs in international law, internships and career opportunities; and interdisciplinary programs sponsored by the College of Business Administration, the College of Agriculture, the Institute of International Affairs and other University of Nebraska colleges and departments involved in international relations and trade issues.

J. Reuben Clark Law Society (JRCLS)

JRCLS is an international association of law students and attorneys that focuses on maintaining religion and ethics within the practice of law. The JRCLS includes active chapters throughout the United States and seven other countries. The JRCLS sponsors law student chapters of LDS law students and others interested in the mission of the Law Society. The JRCLS promotes public service, loyalty to the rule of law, and appreciation for the religious dimension in society and in a lawyer's personal life. Members of the JRCLS are committed to, and strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Involvement in the University of Nebraska Chapter includes weekly organized discussions, monthly pot-luck gatherings which include a featured speaker, and service projects.

Law + Business Association

The Law + Business program is built on our recognition that our graduates will pursue these different paths and our desire to develop lawyers with the skills that will allow them to succeed in doing so.

Multi-Cultural Legal Society/Black Law Students Association (MCLS/BLSA)

Multi-Cultural Legal Society and Black Law Students Association is a joint student-faculty organization which seeks to foster the unity, academic development, social and political consciousness and vitality of minority students at the College. It is dedicated to increasing the representation of minorities in the legal profession. The Society strives to interest undergraduate and high school minority students in law as a career and to aid them in the law school admissions process. It also strives to serve the social needs of minorities and other interested students, and sponsors speakers and programs to educate the law school community on minority-related legal issues.

Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys/ American Association for Justice (NATA/AAJ)

NATA/AAJ provides students an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the trial practice work of an attorney and learn about the court system.

Nebraska Defense Counsel Association

NDCA student chapter has been established to provide University of Nebraska law students with networking opportunities and extra-curricular, litigation-based learning opportunities.

Nebraska Entertainment and Sports Law Association (NESLA)

NESLA has the goal of helping Nebraska students break into the ever-changing worlds of Entertainment and Sports Law. NESLA sponsors speakers throughout the year with topics ranging from Intellectual Property to NCAA violations and compliance rules. The group offers significant networking opportunities in the local Sports and Entertainment Law communities as well as the chance to attend national conferences that feature prominent guests from the recording industry, sports agencies, and numerous other related fields.

Nebraska Family Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution Organization 

Nebraska Family Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution is dedicated to the education of students about issues regarding family law in Nebraska and around the country. We seek to provide information and networking opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the practice area of family law and dispute resolution. Such careers include divorce, adoption, mediation and many more. Interested students at the College of Law to explore the field of alternative Dispute Resolution, a field whose principal focus is dispute resolution external to the judicial system, such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation. We are developing relationships with professionals and alumni in the community in order to give students the most access to potential jobs in the area. Family law will likely affect every person at some point in their lives, lawyer or not. Even if you are not interested in practicing exclusively in the area of family law, this organization is a great place to learn more about the issues that will certainly affect you, your friends, or your families.

Nebraska Law Review

The Nebraska Law Review is a student-edited journal that publishes articles authored by professors, judges, student members, and others in the legal profession in four quarterly issues. The Review strives to publish timely, interesting, and informative articles for practitioners and scholars on both local and national levels. Currently, the Review has a national subscription base of law libraries, judges, and lawyers. The Review is directed by an Executive Board of Editors elected by the student members of the Review. The student editors bear primary responsibility for publication of the Review and receive invaluable training in writing, editing, and researching through performing their respective duties.

The Nebraska Law Review Bulletin is an online journal that states and criticizes Nebraska and Eighth Circuit law in such a way as to be a service to practitioners and scholars in Nebraska and the Eighth Circuit. The Bulletin publishes short scholarly commentaries regarding significant legal issues in Nebraska and the Eighth Circuit as well as short commentaries responding to articles and notes published in the Review.

Students are invited to join the Nebraska Law Review based on first or second year grades or ability demonstrated in a write-on program.

Nebraska Moot Court Board

The Nebraska Moot Court Board is the College of Law's primary oral advocacy development organization. It is comprised of students selected ​on the basis of notable aptitude and ability demonstrated in a two-part application process consisting of a written appellate brief and an oral argument. The members of the Board play a vital role in the academic life of the Law College. ​A number of members assist in the administration of the First Year ​Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research course as Teaching Assistants, where they may be called upon to give Bluebook lessons, draft legal problems for the course, provide feedback of the students' written work, and assist in other areas of the course. ​Members also supervise upperclass Moot Court competitions in the fall and spring. Students who accept invitations to become candidate members of the Board ​assist in the administration of the competitions, as volunteers or competitors, and often serve as Teaching Assistants. Members also ​may serve as judges for ​First Year oral arguments ​in the spring. Senior members of the Board supervise the work of the candidate members and assist in the administration of moot court activities at the College of Law.

Nebraska Real Estate Law Organization

Phi Alpha Delta

The purpose of this Fraternity is to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

Republican Law Student Association

Law Students Association promotes awareness at the College of Law of political and social issues and political candidates and encourages law students to be actively involved in civic activities. RLSA invites political leaders, office holders and candidates to speak at the law school, promotes Republican candidates for political office and encourages students to actively participate in political campaigns. RLSA encourages students of all political persuasions to be involved in the democratic process by voting in elections.

Robert Van Pelt American Inn of Court

Robert Van Pelt American Inn of Court is a group of lawyers and judges which meets monthly during the academic year to provide a forum through which experienced lawyers and judges assist younger lawyers and law students in improving their advocacy skills. Each year fourteen third year law students are selected by the College of Law to participate in the Inn.

Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Club

Formed in 2014, the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Club works closely with the unique and specialized program within the University. The club brings in speakers annually and recruits for the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition. Telecommunications, regulation, and cyber law professor Gus Hurwitz serves as the faculty advisor for the club, along with the Executive Director of the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Programs, Elsbeth Magilton. Membership is open all students, including JDs, LLMs, JSDs, and MLS students. A relation to the formal program is not required for membership.

St. Thomas More Society

St. Thomas More Society is a student organization that seeks to integrate the practice of the Catholic faith with the practice of law. We are part of a nationwide tradition of St. Thomas More Societies established at American law schools. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Catholic perspectives on legal issues.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)

The UNL College of Law's SALDF is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy and scholarship aimed at protecting and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law. SALDF works in affiliation with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), a nonprofit group of attorneys and animal advocates dedicated to defending animal abuse and exploitation throughout the United States ( Backed by more than 100,000 members and supporters, the ALDF takes direct legal action on behalf of imperiled animals everywhere - - in laboratories, on farms, in the wild, and in communities.

Student Bar Association (SBA)

SBA coordinates the professional, social and extracurricular activities of the student body. Affiliated with the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association, the SBA functions both as a student government and as a professional bar association. The SBA president appoints student representatives who participate in faculty meetings and serve as voting members on many student-faculty committees. The student book exchange is among the SBA's many activities. Click here for their web site.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA)

SIPLA at Nebraska Law focuses on assisting students interested in the exciting study and practice of intellectual property law. The club continuously fosters and enhances the development of an active and meaningful intellectual property curriculum at Nebraska Law. We also support the growth and development of Nebraska Law's reputation as an educational institution in the field of intellectual property law. Our goal is to supplement course offerings by hosting speakers and discussions that contribute to the development of legal knowledge and skills in the field of intellectual property, including, but not limited to, copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret. Finally, SIPLA promotes connections between students and faculty, scholars, and practicing attorneys in the intellectual property field.

University of Nebraska Innocence Project

The University of Nebraska Student Innocence Project supports the plight of wrongfully convicted individuals. We do what we can to provide them justice and help the Nebraska Innocence Project in their mission. Specific areas that are addressed are fundraising for cause-related charities, promoting community awareness of the issue of wrongful conviction and discovering, providing and assisting opportunities for students who are interested in the cause.

University of Nebraska Law School Democrats

Our purpose is to support the national, state and local Democratic Party and Democratic candidates through activities such as organizing forums and inviting speakers to the Law College; engaging in voter registration and get out the vote drives; assisting the party with campaigns through networking, fundraising and volunteering and assisting the Democratic Party with candidate recruitment by providing a pool of interested and qualified individuals. We also work to educate about the policies and overreaching goals of the Democratic Party and ways in which we can contribute to the greater good; as well as provide a community for like-minded students.

Women's Law Caucus

Women's Law Caucus is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of women in law through personal support, professional activities, and political action. It is open to all law students and their spouses, faculty, staff and other interested persons.