Law + Business Program

Nebraska Law has a robust Law + Business program that prepares students for a variety of careers using their legal and business knowledge. In addition to the traditional range of business law classes, we offer business-related programs of concentrated study, business-related programming for students who will use their law-school training to pursue careers in business, and fellowships and capstone opportunities that give students the opportunity to apply and improve their Law + Business knowledge before graduation. At Nebraska Law, we realize that Law + Business careers are not one-size-fits-all, and your legal education should not be either. 

Law + Business Careers

The Law + Business program is built on our recognition that our graduates will pursue these different paths and our desire to develop lawyers with the skills that will allow them to succeed in doing so.

  • Transactional Lawyers: Transactional lawyers advise clients on the legal implications of their business practices. They handle a wide array of tasks, including drafting and negotiating agreements, advising corporate boards, structuring business transactions, and helping clients to comply with government regulations. Some transactional lawyers work in law firms and others work “in house” within the legal departments of businesses themselves.
  • Careers in Business: The study of law is a challenging academic discipline with wide-ranging benefits, and many of our law students also use their legal training to pursue careers in business rather than in law. That includes careers as business managers, bankers, financial planners, and entrepreneurs, among others. The skills developed in law school are highly valuable in many fields.
  • Law Firm Owners: Many law students who are not interested in business will nevertheless be required to understand the law regarding businesses and business operations because they will choose to open their own law firms or join established law firms and become partners or shareholders. 

Law + Business Curriculum

Programs of Concentrated Study

In addition to its course offerings, Nebraska Law offers specialized programs of concentrated study through which students can obtain a special certification in their area of emphasis. For students interested in business law, we offer the Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study. Students can also structure their own program of concentrated study under the supervision of a faculty member. 


Joint Degree Programs

Nebraska Law offers several joint degree programs, including a joint J.D. and Masters in Business Administration and a joint J.D. and Masters in Public Accountancy. Pursuit of a dual degree typically results in a course of study that is shorter than if the  degrees were completed separately. Admission criteria and curriculum  requirements vary by program.


Capstone: Business Planning

Business Planning is a semester-long course that introduces students to the process of planning business transactions. Students in Business Planning work on the practical skills that are required to help clients solve the legal and business problems that are involved in the formation, incorporation, restructuring, and disposition of a business. Students work in teams over the course of the semester to evaluate those business problems using insights from many fields, including corporate law, partnership and LLC law, securities regulation, antitrust law, individual income tax, corporate tax, and partnership tax.


Capstone: Weibling Entrepreneurship Clinic

As one of Nebraska Law’s clinical programs, the Weibling Entrepreneurship Clinic serves as a capstone experience for law students interested in the practice of transactional law. Students will have all the responsibilities incumbent upon attorneys in a small law firm practice, which includes direct client advice and communications, legal research and writing, management of multiple clients and legal matters, and active engagement in the entrepreneurship community.



The Law + Business Fellowship Program provides students with paid internships at successful businesses during the summer between students’ first and second years of law school. Students who are selected for these fellowships spend approximately half of their summer working on legal issues for the Fellowship sponsors and the other half of their summer working on business issues. This structure allows students the opportunity to see how Law + Business works from both the legal and business sides of an enterprise, and provides them with an invaluable experience that can help inform their career choices.

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