Weibling Entrepreneurship Clinic

Opening in January 2013, the Weibling Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Nebraska College of Law provides free advice and legal representation to start-up business clients throughout the State of Nebraska. The E-Clinic handles a variety of early-stage legal matters, including entity formation, contract drafting and review, intellectual property protection, regulatory, compliance and other transactional legal matters. Law students provide these legal services under direct supervision of Professor Brett Stohs. Participating students develop practical skills necessary for the effective practice of transactional law, gain an understanding of entrepreneurs and small businesses as clients, and grapple with the interplay of legal, ethical and practical considerations that impact the provision of effective legal services. The mission of the Weibling Entrepreneurship Clinic is to:

  • Educate, train, and inspire law students to understand the needs of, and be advocates for, entrepreneurs, innovators and start-up businesses;
  • Provide law students an opportunity to develop meaningful and transferable legal, practical and ethical skills through application of classroom lessons to client representation in a transactional law firm setting;
  • Offer early-stage transactional legal advice and representation to Nebraska’s aspiring entry-level entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-up businesses;
  • Inspire an entrepreneurial spirit among law students by facilitating educational and professional opportunities that connect law students with entrepreneurs and business leaders, relevant partner organizations, and legal practitioners who represent entrepreneurs and start-up businesses;
  • Contribute to the University of Nebraska’s mission as the state’s primary intellectual center by performing direct outreach to rural and urban communities on legal issues facing entrepreneurs and start-up businesses and providing legal support to other University of Nebraska initiatives relating to entrepreneurship; and
  • Be a meaningful contributor in the Nebraska ecosystem of entrepreneurs and supporting organizations that are working to make the State of Nebraska one of the best places in the United States to start a business.
  • “Keep up the good work- my clinic experience has been very beneficial in my first 8 months of practice!”

    Emily Blomstedt Fraser Stryker PC LLO
  • “The Entrepreneurship Clinic offered me opportunities to write and learn about business transactional law, to apply what I learned with clients, to interact with local entrepreneurs, and so much more. It elevated me one-step closer to becoming a business transactional lawyer.”

    Peng Li Summer & Fall 2015 Student Attorney
  • “I was blown away by Professor Stohs and his students. For not paying a dime it was way more than I deserved. If I was paying, it was still an over-the-top effort.”

    Cody Butler Web of Things Inc.