3-3 Program Information


The 3-3 Law Program allows qualified undergraduate students, from any undergraduate college or university, to begin studies at the University of Nebraska College of Law after three years of undergraduate studies. Students admitted to the program will use the credit hours awarded in the first year at the College of Law to complete their undergraduate degree requirements. The 3-3 Law Program allows students to receive their bachelor's degree and their juris doctor degree in six years rather than the traditional seven years.


Undergraduate students, from any undergraduate college or university, are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants will apply to the program during their junior year. To apply for the 3-3 program, applicants:

  1. Will have successfully completed at least 75% of the course credits required for their undergraduate degree, by the date of matriculation at the College of Law;
  2. Will have successfully completed all other requirements of their undergraduate degree program, including general education and major requirements, by the date of matriculation at the College of Law;
  3. Has no more than six credit hours of pass/fail undergraduate coursework credits;
  4. Has not been on academic probation at any undergraduate institution;
  5. Has submitted, by the March 1st application deadline, the materials required of all applicants to the College of Law, including a completed application, satisfactory letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and records of the required course credits; and,
  6. Has provided the College of Law with a letter from the relevant dean, or other administrator of equivalent authority at the applicant's undergraduate institution, stating that the applicant has completed all requirements for participation in the 3-3 Law Program and that the undergraduate institution will grant the applicant an undergraduate degree upon the applicant's successful completion of the first year College of Law course work.

Applicants satisfying all of the above requirements will have successfully applied to Nebraska Law's 3-3 Law Program. Their application will be submitted to the Nebraska Law Admissions Committee for review and admission consideration.

If the student is not admitted to the 3-3 Law College Program, they may subsequently apply without prejudice to the regular JD program.

It is suggested that students admitted to the 3-3 Law College Program, meet with an undergraduate advisor to discuss changes in their eligibility status for current scholarships and financial aid.

Eligibility for Automatic Admission

3-3 applicants can be considered for automatic admission if the applicant:

  1. Has a valid LSAT score equal to or higher than the median LSAT score of the previous 1L class;
  2. Has a cumulative undergraduate GPA calculated by the Law School Admission Council equal to or higher than the median GPA of the previous 1L class; and,
  3. Has satisfied all eligibility requirements listed above under Eligibility.

Information on the LSAT and GPA medians of the previous 1L class are available on the Class Profiles webpage.

Applicants may not be eligible for automatic admission to the 3-3 Law Program if there is information concerning the applicant that reflects adversely on the applicant's character and fitness. This includes, but is not limited to, criminal citations, pending criminal charges, or criminal convictions. In such cases the application will be individually reviewed by the College of Law Admissions Committee.

Awarding of Bachelor's Degree

Credits earned by 3-3 Law Program will be transferred to the student's undergraduate college or university after the successful completion of their first year of law school. Those credits will count toward the student's bachelor's degree and the student will be awarded their bachelor's degree. Note, 3-3 students may not be able to receive their undergraduate diplomas at May commencement ceremonies following their first year due to university requirements as to the dates for submission of grades.

Established Programs

Some UNL undergraduate departments have formalized paths for students interested in the 3-3 program. Information specific to those programs can be found by using the links below.

College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources