Student Resources

Advising & Mentoring Programs

The faculty of the College of Law care about students, on both an academic and a personal level. Each incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor who is more than willing to answer any questions the student may have about law school, course selections, career goals or whatever. First year students meet their faculty advisors during orientation in August.

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Health & Wellness Resources

The College of Law provides academic and career counseling for its students. In addition, the administration and faculty are concerned with the welfare of the student body and often provide informal financial aid counseling as well.

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Through the generosity of many persons, the College of Law has a variety of sources available for financial aid.


The College of Law has several listservs to help communicate important information to members of its community. Listservs are managed and moderated by Assistant Dean Molly Brummond and all questions about their use should be directed to her.

Senior Transcript

The Senior Transcript is an annual publication that features the 3L class members. Published each fall, The Senior Transcript is sent to alumni and friends who routinely employ Nebraska Law graduates as well as to members of the class.

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Nebraska State Bar Exam Information

The Nebraska Supreme Court has information available regarding upcoming Bar Exams. Visit their website for more information.

Senior Certification Information

Third year students may become senior certified if certain requirements are satisfied. Senior Certification allows students to practice – i.e. appear in court, prepare briefs – under the supervision of an attorney licensed in the State of Nebraska. Students who take a clinical course must become senior certified.