Welcome to the Space Law Network introduction to space law page! Please note, the NASA space law network grant was only a one year duration, ending in Oct. 2019. There are currently no funded opportunities for conference travel or internships. Nebraska Law is proud to be collaborating with the newly forming U.S. Center on Space Law to continue to activities and resources of the network. Fund raising and organization will take at least a year or two, so no funding options are currently available.

There are many places to research space law and find compiled resources. Below we have done a small amount of that to help those new to field get acquainted.

However, the unique resource on this page is found in the videos at the bottom. Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law research assistant and student club president Amanda Berman has interviewed an impressive collection of space law professionals about specific articles of the Outer Space Treaty, as well as some of their individual practice areas and experiences. These are a glimpse into professional perspectives of this bed rock agreement in space law. 

Since 1967 five major treaties have been created relating to Space Law:

The Outer Space Treaty 

The Rescue Agreement

 The Liability Convention

The Registration Convention

The Moon Agreement

International Law Resources and Organizations:

Vienna Convention of the Law of Treasties 

The UN Charter 

International Committee of the Red Cross

American Society of International Law (specifically look to the Space Law Interest Group)

International Institute of Space Law

For Current Space News:

Politico Space

Space News

Video Resource Library

Topic: Article 3 of the Outer Space Treaty
Experts: Steve Mirmina and Courtney Bailey from NASA General Counsel

Topic: Article 4 of the Outer Space Treaty
Expert: Professor David Koplow of Georgetown Law

Topic: Article 5 of the Outer Space Treaty
Expert: Professor Mark Sundahl of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Topic: Article 6 of the Outer Space Treaty
Expert: Professor Frans von der Dunk of University of Nebraska College of Law

Topic: Article 9 of the Outer Space Treaty
Expert: Gabe Swiney of the US State Department

Topic: FAA Regulations and Licensing
Expert: Professor Laura Montgomery