Senior Transcript Form


  • Items 1-4: Complete items 1-4 as instructed by the title prompts. Click here to view a previous Senior Transcript for examples.

  • Item 5: If you have graduate degrees list them in reverse chronological order(include joint degrees you expect to receive, but, if you are not receiving a joint degree do not enter your expected J.D. degree), as follows:

    Name of College (spell out)[comma] City [comma] State (Click here to see accepted state abbreviation list)(omit city and state if college is UNL, UNO or UNK) [space][dash][dash] [space] Name of Degree (spell out)[colon][space] 

    Examples: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis. -- Masters Degree in Social Work: 

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln -- J.D./M.A. Degree in Political Science (expected May 2006):

    Type: (after each degree) graduate scholarships, honors, and student organizations - exclude Dean's list and Who's Who. End the list with a period.

    Click here to view a previous Senior Transcript for examples.

    Then also at Item 5 - Education : Type: information about your undergraduate degree (do not include Associate degrees) as follows:

    Name of College (spell out) [comma] City [comma] State (Click here to see accepted state abbreviation list - omit city and state if college is UNL, UNO, or UNK)[space][dash][dash] [space] Major (cum laude etc.)[colon][space] Note: name of degree - B.A., B.S. etc - is not included. 

    Examples: Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Neb. -- Business/English: 

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln -- History (with high distinction):

    Then Type: undergraduate scholarships, honors, and students organization - exclude Dean's list and Who's Who. End the list with a period. 

    Click here to view a previous Senior Transcript for examples.
  • Item 6: Mark the College of Law activities you were involved in. (Note: Other activities are listed later in Item 11.)
  • Item 7: If you were approved for a Program of Concentrated Study mark the appropriate program or type in the name of your program.
  • Item 8: Mark the academic scholarships and awards you have received at the Law College.
  • Item 9: Type the name of the course or courses for which you received a CALI Excellence for the Future Award[s].
  • Item 10: Work Experience: List legal work experience and any other relevant job experience; begin with the most recent, as follows: 
    job title [dash] employer (full name)[comma] city[comma] state (Click here to see accepted state abbreviation list). Separate Employers with semi-colons; end list with a period. Example: Law Clerk-Wee, Cheetam & Howe, Lincoln, Neb.; Research Assistant-Professor Roscoe Pound, University of Nebraska College of Law [omit city and state for UNL]; Senior Manager/C.P.A.- Countum & Fleece, Inc., Honestville, Nev.
  • Item 11: Check each organization you belonged to at the College of Law. At the bottom list the officer positions and organization name into the textbox, one per line, please do not capitalize the titles of the positions - e.g., sba president, not SBA President - and do not include the years you held these positions.

Press Submit to send your biographical information to the Transcript Office. 

We will format your biographical information and email it back to you so that you can confirm its accuracy and make changes or corrections. The final edit will be done by Prof. Frank. You can update your biographical information any time up to when it goes to press in the late summer or early fall by contacting the Alumni Relations Office.

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