Cortes Receives Pat Gies Award

Cortes Receives Pat Gies Award

20 Jul 2016    

Roxana Cortes

Roxana Cortes, '16, was selected by the Civil Clinic staff and faculty to receive the Pat Gies Memorial Award for the 2015-2016 academic year.  The Pat Gies Memorial Award is given annually to a Civil Clinic or Immigration Clinic student who exemplifies the personal and professional attributes of Pat Gies, a former staff person in the Civil Clinic.  The Award states the criteria for selection:

Pat Gies worked as a part-time secretary in the Civil Clinic from August, 2000 until her death in March, 2002.  Although she was only in the Clinic a short time, Pat left an indelible impression on those with whom she worked.  Her professional and personal attributes were an inspiration to all who knew her.  Pat was an accomplished and dedicated co-worker.  But she was much more than that.  At a time when the legal profession bemoans the lack of civility, Pat exemplified it.  In a setting where friends can be elusive, Pat was a friend to everyone.  In a world too often lacking in kindness, Pat was consistently and genuinely kind.  This award is established to honor Pat’s memory by selecting a Civil Clinic student each year who personifies the virtues Pat brought to her work and to her life: those of professional excellence, civility, collegiality and kindness.

Ms. Cortes’ name will be inscribed on a plaque to be kept in the Clinic offices, which lists all past award winners.