Faculty Policy Concerning Student Employment During Law School

We, the faculty of the University of Nebraska College of Law, believe that there are many challenges to being a new law student and engaging with a new curriculum and way of thinking during the first year of law school.  Therefore, if at all possible, full-time, first-year law students should not be employed at all during the academic year.  

Full-time law students are engaged in learning about many different areas of the law.  Students are building a broad base from which to launch their legal careers and it is important that they focus on their studies and strive for academic achievement so that they are fully prepared for employment after law school, and for a career that may over time involve a variety of practice areas and expertise.   Therefore, law students should not be employed for more than 20 hours per week during the academic year.

Full-time is defined as a course load of 12 credit hours or more per semester.