Nebraska Alumni Present at USSPACECOM Legal Conference

09 Mar 2024    

Nebraska Law Alumni at the USSPACECOM Legal Conference

Alumni of the Nebraska Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program were well-represented on panels at the USSPACECOM Legal Conference at the Air Force Academy on March 5th and 6th. The first day of the conference, Director Jack Beard was featured as a panelist on "The Future of Normative International Law & Space Governance: The Artemis Accords and the Woomera Manual." Nebraska LL.M. alums Jonathan Sawmiller and Jessica Tok both spoke during the panel on "Strategic Competition and the Rise of Space Lawfare." Professor Frans von der Dunk finished out day one of the conference with a keynote presentation on "Contemporary Challenges and Developments in International Space Law." On the second day of the conference, alum Miles McCoy served as moderator for the panel on "Space Mining Governance: Private Terraforming, Resource Extraction, and Military Protection of Commerce," which also featured Professor von der Dunk as a speaker. In addition to the featured speakers, three current LL.M. students and three JD students received travel awards to attend the conference.