Johnson looks to demystify the law, collaborate with students

20 Nov 2023    

Professor Brandon Johnson

Professor Brandon Johnson joins the College from the New York University School of Law, where he was an acting assistant professor of lawyering. He now teaches Civil Procedure and Administrative Law. 

Johnson’s experience at NYU informs his teaching style in a number of ways. His aim is to encourage students to build community with their fellow classmates and support one another. He also hopes to make the law accessible for students instead of overcomplicating it. 

“Some of the most effective professors that I had in law school were professors who tried to demystify instead of mystify the law,” he said. 

In the classroom, Johnson enjoys seeing collaboration between faculty and students. 

“You, the students, and me, the professor, are trying to figure out something together about this area of law,” he said. “Watching that light bulb moment is really fun.” 

Johnson’s research sits at the intersection of administrative law, the separation of powers, and the law of democracy. His writing focuses on the ways in which government and democratic institutions interact, and the ways in which the judiciary intervenes in those interactions. 

His latest publications analyze cases argued before the Supreme Court (Allen v. Milligan and Moore v. Harper) and the North Carolina Supreme Court’s third opinion in Harper v. Hall. The pieces center on election law jurisprudence and political decision-making, respectively.