Johnson featured on Election Law Blog

19 Sep 2023    

Professor Brandon Johnson

Professor Brandon Johnson's essay "Election Aggrandizement" has been published as a guest post on the Election Law Blog.

The essay discusses the ways in which two cases decided at the end of this Supreme Court term--Allen v. Milligan and Moore v. Harper--seemed to reverse a trend in the Roberts' Court's election law jurisprudence. Prior to these cases, the Court had signaled a willingness to retreat from deciding election law cases, but the holdings in Moore and Milligan significantly expanded the Court's ability to shape state election regulations.

Professor Johnson joined the Nebraska Law faculty earlier this year. His research sits at the intersection of administrative law, the separation of powers, and the law of democracy. His writing focuses on the ways democratic institutions, including Congress, the Presidency, and the Administrative State interact, and the ways in which the courts attempt to shape those interactions.

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