Keilany, Wilson Recognized as Outstanding Law Student Advocates by Nebraska State Bar Association

02 May 2022    

Deena Keilany and Mara Wilson headshots

Deena Keilany, ’22, and Mara Wilson, ’22, were recognized by with the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) Tenant Assistance Project Outstanding Law Student Advocate Award. This award recognizes law students each semester who have made a significant contribution to the Tenant Assistance Project (TAP) and exceed expectations in their effort to support the program and contribute to its success.

Deena Keilany has been a zealous advocate for tenants at the courthouse and in creating eviction defense packets (EDPs) this semester. She is extremely thoughtful and thorough in her case work and has successfully negotiated great outcomes for many clients. Her EDPs are solid, containing detailed information and all possible defenses. She does a fantastic job of monitoring her cases after the hearing date, and ensures the landlord attorney follows through with the agreement. Deena has proven herself capable of working in difficult situations and handling contested hearings.  

Mara Wilson has done great work at the courthouse, fighting hard for her clients in negotiating for favorable outcomes. She very often volunteers for additional shifts each week, including covering shifts in Douglas County. She conducts herself as a young lawyer, capable of handling matters at the courthouse with minimal mentorship and supervision. She stays on top of cases, calling tenants after their hearing to make sure they follow through with the agreement or to remind them of their upcoming hearing. Mara works closely with the rental assistance crew to ensure everything is square on that front, and consistently conducts herself in a professional manner when working with clients, opposing counsel and the court.