Magilton Authors Book Chapter on National Security

03 Mar 2021    

Elsbeth Magilton

Elsbeth Magilton, ’11, Executive Director of Technology, Security, and Space Law Initiatives, is a contributing author in Commercial and Military Uses of Outer Space.

The book brings together a diverse range of chapters on space related topics. The authors included in the book are drawn from the U.S., Australia, and more, for academia, government, industry, and the military. The chapters cover topics such as law, science, archaeology, defense, policy, and more, all with a focus on space. 

Magilton’s chapter, “Women in Line: Space Security in the United States,” discusses diversity in national security and modern trends in encouraging underrepresented groups in the subject.

Magilton oversees the development, growth, and operations of the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center and the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law program. She guest lectures and speaks internationally on military-academic partnerships, space law and security, women in technology, and technology related issues.