Medill Named Recipient of John H. Binning Award for Excellence

23 Feb 2021    

Professor Colleen Medill

Professor Colleen Medill is the 2019-2020 recipient of the John H. Binning Award for Excellence. This award is presented annually to a professor who excels in teaching, research or public service.

Professor Medill’s scholarship continued at a high pace during 2019-2010, as she published a new edition of her Contemporary Property casebook, as well as the Teacher’s Manual, slides, and teaching notes to go along with it. She also contributed to a well-received Report from the Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council, on which she has served successfully during the last three years.

Professor Medill continues to be an extraordinarily successful teacher in the classroom as demonstrated by her impressive student evaluations and by her being voted the 1L Professor of the Year by Nebraska Law students. Professor Medill also was a faculty leader in the transition to remote learning through her constant willingness to experiment and develop new pedagogical techniques. 

Professor Medill’s service and work as the director of the College’s undergraduate initiatives were equally as impactful. She successfully submitted a proposal to develop an undergraduate major in Law and Business and initiated a number of events with the Nebraska Honors Program. She also was a crucial member of the Long Range Planning as the College planned for a fall semester that was greatly impacted by COVID-19.