Alumni Honored as Part of Legal Aid Equal Justice Awards

05 Oct 2020    

Blind Lady of Justice

The 2020 Friends of Legal Aid Luncheon on October 8 will focus on those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the event, Equal Justice Awards will be given to community partners, law firms, and attorneys for their work to achieve greater and more equal justice for all, especially for low-wage essential workers during today’s COVID-19 public health crisis.

The Attorney Partner Equal Justice Award will be presented to the Tenant Assistance Project volunteer attorneys. 

Legal Aid works collaboratively with the NSBA’s Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) and the Nebraska Law Civil Clinic to provide legal services to low income tenants in Lancaster County through the “Tenant Assistance Project” (TAP), a multi-organization effort to provide free legal advice and representation to tenant defendants in Lancaster County Court. The goal of TAP has been to provide legal assistance for every tenant facing eviction proceedings in Lancaster County Court through 2020. Nearly 40 private attorneys, working through the VLP, have volunteered to provide these legal services to tenants.

Attorneys being recognized as part of this award include:

Jamie L. Arango
Terry K. Barber, ’75
Robert F. Bartle, ’76
James A. Cada, ’71
Jonathan S. Camp, ’09
Katherine R. Chadek
David V. Chipman, ’05
Patrick M. Driver, ‘05
Quinn R. Eaton
Christopher L. Eickholt, ’98
Daniel A. Fix, ’95
Eric A. Gerrard
Jennifer Hiatt, ’17
James H. Hoppe, ’78
Brandy R. Johnson
Joy M. Kathurima, ’19
Alex M. Lierz, ’16
Brett T. McArthur
Megan N. Mikolajczyk, ’11
Kala M. Mueller (Nebraska Law Director of Public Interest Programs)
Kasey D. Ogle, ’18
Stephany P. Pleasant, ‘17
Laurie P. Lage, ’09
Sean M. Reagan, ’99
Jon V. Rehm, ’04
Mindy M. Rush Chipman, ’07
Stephen A. Sael
Margaret E. Schiefen
Joy Shiffermiller, ’85
Charles T. Steenson, ’87
Christopher R. Storz
Jennifer L. Sturm, ’18
Ryan P. Sullivan , ’10 (Nebraska Law Clinical Associate Professor of Law)
Audrey R. Svane, ’15
Ryan M. Swaroff, ’08
David P. Thompson
David P. Thompson, ’93
Andrew J. Vinton, ’19
Elaine A. Waggoner, ’78
Brandon M. Warrington
David W. Watermeier, ’82 

Two other Equal Justice Awards will be presented at the October 8 celebration:

  • Community Partner Equal Justice Award: OneWorld Community Health Center; Charles Drew Health Center; Nebraska Medicine (Omaha); Children of Smithfield (Crete)
  • Law Firm Partner Equal Justice Award – Husch Blackwell (Omaha)

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