Law School Essentials

Week of August 5th

Accessing Canvas

Canvas is an online system that administrators and faculty members will use to provide you with important information throughout law school. You will start to see important information provided to you through Canvas over the next few weeks. Thus, it is vital that you make sure you have access to Canvas. You will also want to check Canvas frequently moving forward.

If you haven’t already accessed Canvas, you can login by going to: You will log into canvas using your MyUNL Account username and password information that you have previously set up through TrueYou.

If you have any trouble accessing Canvas, you will want to contact the Helpdesk at 402-472-3970.

Important Orientation Information

Please see the attached schedule for Orientation: Orientation Schedule

Orientation is designed to introduce you to the College of Law community, the study of law, and the legal profession. It will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 21-23. Attendance at Orientation is mandatory.  Check-in will open on Wednesday, August 21, at 8:30 am in the main lobby of the law school. You can arrive any time between 8:30 - 9:30 am and can use that time to pick up your Orientation packet, sign out a locker, take a tour, get your computer connected to campus WiFi, and visit with your new classmates before the first session. The first session on Wednesday will begin promptly at 9:45 am.   

Casual attire is appropriate for Wednesday and Friday. Please dress professionally on Thursday. We will take a picture of you on Thursday that will be attached to your College of Law transcript and used throughout your years at the school. In addition, you will be meeting and working with practicing lawyers on Thursday.  

If you have a laptop, you are welcome to bring it to Orientation each day—especially if you want to use it to take notes or if you want to work off of the digital versions of the documents you are receiving. During some sessions, laptops are mandatory. If you do not gain access to the law schools WiFi or set up your printing account before orientation, you will want your computer on Wednesday morning so you can get that taken care of. You will need your lap top for sessions on Wednesday afternoon. Sessions where laptops are required are marked with an asterisk on the Orientation Schedule.

Orientation Reading Assignments

Some of the Orientation session will require preparation – primarily reading and reviewing some cases and other documents. Links to those cases and documents linked below under the corresponding Orientation session. A copy of these cases will also be placed in your Orientation registration packet and can be found on the Academic Success Resource course page on Canvas.

  • “Reading Like a Lawyer” – Wednesday @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

This session is focused on the fundamentals of reading and briefing legal cases. In preparation for this session, please review the case East v. West linked below.

East v. West 

  • “Common Law Reasoning” – Thursday @ 11:15 am – 12:30 pm

To prepare for the “Common Law Reasoning” session, you will need to review two cases - Agnello v. United States and Carroll v. United States. You can read these cases any time, but we suggest you read (or reread) them after you have been taught how to read and brief legal cases on Wednesday’s “Reading Like a Lawyer” session. Below are the two cases to read for this session.

Agnello v. United States

Carroll v. United States 

  • “Professionalism and Ethics” – Thursday @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Thursday afternoon will introduce you to the core values of the legal profession, the ethical rules which govern the practice of law, and issues related to professionalism. During this session, you will be discussing the hypotheticals with professors and lawyers during the breakout session. Instructions for this session and the hypotheticals you will want to read ahead of time are linked below.

Instructions for “Professionalism and Ethics” 

Professionalism and Ethics Hypotheticals 

“The Law School Experience” for Students and Family Members

Over the lunch hour on Wednesday there will be an information session led by second- and third-year law students. The student panelists will focus on delivering tips for first-generation students and students with spouses, significant others, and/or children. All students are invited (and encouraged) to attend this session. Your family members are also welcome attend as well as it will give you and your loved ones a chance to hear suggestions and strategies from experienced students who are balancing their own family life and other challenges with their studies. If your family or significant other will be joining you for this session, please RSVP to Katie Pfannenstiel by email no later than Friday, August 16th (

Academic Success Resource Program Information

The Academic Success Resources Program at the University of Nebraska College of Law is designed to help first year students acquire the skills needed to be successful law students and, ultimately, successful lawyers. In the first semester, the program focuses on the skills of effectively reading and briefing cases, case analysis, issue-spotting, note-taking, time management, outlining, and taking exams. In the second semester, the program focuses on outlining, time management, oral advocacy, and exam writing.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Administration, Marc Pearce, oversees the Academic Success Resource Program and has outlined important information and details regarding the Program in the document linked to below. Review this document to learn more about what the program entails, find out which of the fall sessions are mandatory, see the topics of the sessions, and much more You should have recently received and e-mail to your huskers account inviting you to join the Academic Success Resource group, if you haven’t already, be sure to accept the invitation.

Academic Success Resource Program 

First Class Assignments

You are expected to be prepared for class. This includes the first day of class. You can monitor the course pages in Canvas for announcements about reading assignments for the first day of classes. You should also keep an eye on this page on our website: Although you must read for the first day of class, don’t go and try and read everything before orientation. We recommended that you start those assignments after Orientation - let us teach you a bit about how to read cases and study the law during orientation first!  

SBA Book Sale Flyer

The SBA Used Book Sale will take place on Friday, August 23rd from 8:30 - 10:00 am during Orientation. See the attached flyer for more details.

 SBA Book Sale Flyer

Week of July 29th

Library Hours

For your personal reference, here is a link for information regarding the Marvin & Virginia Schmid Law Library. This includes Library hours, online databases, useful resources available, etc.

Below are the Library Hours for this coming fall!

Fall Semester Regular Hours

August 25th – December 19th

  • Sunday: 11:00 am – 12:30 am
  • Monday-Thursday: 7:20 am – 12:20 am
  • Friday: 7:20 am – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Sounding Block Information

Once you begin as a student at Nebraska Law, you will receive The Sounding Block every Monday via email. The Sounding Block contains information about what is happening at Nebraska Law for the week. Be sure that you have completed instructions for obtaining a husker email address and joining the Nebraska Law listservs, which appeared under Law School Essentials in the week of May 13th. This will ensure that you will receive The Sounding Block and other announcements at the start of the semester.

Week of July 22nd

Welcome Letter from 2L Class President

Spencer Hartman, the 2L Class President, would like to welcome you to Nebraska Law, along with some tips for starting your first year. Read his letter below:

Welcome Class of 2022 

Book Lists

To find what books you will need, just click on the link below and enter your NUID. This will populate your individual book list to start to give you an idea of which books you will need and the associated costs.

University Bookstore

Buying your books

You have a few options when it comes to buying your books:

  • The University Bookstore on City Campus. All of your books – required or recommended, new and some used - will be available at the University Bookstore in the City Campus Union. While most books may be available through other retailers, there will be a few that are only available at the University Bookstore.
    • You are able to pre-order your books and pick them up at the Bookstore in the Union on City Campus.
    • The “pop-up” University Bookstore at the Law School. During orientation the University Bookstore will be here at the law school selling any and all of the books on your book list. This gives you the opportunity to buy them at the law school, instead of making the venture to the City Campus Union or buying them online.
      • They plan on having quantities of books for required titles to match the enrollment numbers, so there is no need to worry they will be sold out. You will be able to pay with your Ncard, credit/debit, cash or check.
      • We do not yet know if pre-orders will be available to be picked up at the pop-up location during orientation or if you will need to go downtown to pick those up.
      • The SBA Used Book Sale. During orientation the SBA will be host a used book sale of current students’ old books for you to purchase. You may choose to look through what they have available before buying new (or used) from the Bookstore or other retailers.
      • Online retailers. We know that there are many other book sellers and rental options out there. And you may be able to save some money going a route that is not through the University. If you do, please heed the warning below about double checking the ISBN, edition and publisher. 

A few notes about buying books:

  • An optional (or recommended) book is one that the professor thinks might be helpful for you to have. You may buy it now, or wait a few weeks into the semester to decide if you think it would be worthwhile for you to buy.
  • When purchasing your books online through other websites, do not use the ISBN alone. You will also want to confirm the correct book by Publisher and Edition that are listed along with the title.
  • CasebookPlus includes your required casebook plus an access code for additional online content.
  • Most, if not all, of the books you buy for the fall semester will be used again in the spring semester. If there are books you will need to buy for the spring, they will be limited in number.

SBA Book Discount Correction

In prior “This and That” messages and posts on this portal, it was noted that members of the Student Bar Association (SBA) could receive a discount on books purchased through the University Bookstore. It was recently brought to our attention that this discount has not been renewed with the Bookstore and is not currently available for fall 2019 book purchases. The SBA is currently working with the Bookstore to see if the discount can be revived but there is no guarantee that that will happen. Please Plan accordingly.  

Honor Code

The students and faculty of the College have adopted an Honor Code to regulate academic conduct at the College. The Code prohibits any academically dishonest conduct in connection with examinations, papers, competitions, and other academic activity at the College. The Code is premised on the belief that students, as potential lawyers, should be treated like professionals (which explains why exams are not proctored) and should be held to the same unyielding standards of honorable conduct to which professionals are held. Alleged violations of the Code are investigated by a Law College faculty member appointed as prosecutor and adjudicated by the Joint Student-Faculty Honor Committee. The substantive provisions are in section 1.020. Violations of the Honor Code carry serious consequences. The sanctions are in section 1.090. 

The Honor Code is available on the Law College website at You can also find the Honor Code by clicking on the Current Student page and finding the link to the Honor Code under “Academics.” You are required to read the Honor Code and certify that you have read it by August 1. At the end of the Honor Code, you will enter your name and email address and submit your certification online.

Read the Honor Code and submit your electronic certification at

Rules and Regulations

It is important for you to become familiar with the rules and regulations at Nebraska Law before beginning your studies. Please take some time to read over the following PDF as well as the additional links it provides. If you have any questions that arise, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Office of Admissions at 402-472-8883 or Assistant Dean Marc Pearce at 402-472-8264.

Read over Rules & Regualtions

Residence Hall Move-In

For those of you who will be living on campus, the residence hall official move in dates start August 21st and 22nd. Since 1L orientation begins on August 21st you should consider moving into your residence hall early – which you can do as early as the 18th of August. To find out more and request permission to move in early, you will need to send an e-mail to and they will review your case to be granted an earlier move in date.

If you choose to move in before the 21st of August, there is a $36 per night fee. Any additional questions regarding housing or the residence halls should be directed to University Housing at 402-472-3561.

Week of July 15th

Class T-Shirt & Gear Purchasing

Your Class of 2022 t-shirts are now available! The semester is quickly approaching, so if you haven’t already, make sure to purchase some Nebraska Law gear and your Class of 2022 t-shirt! Your orders must be in by August 5th in order to have them ready for you to pick up during Orientation! Here is the link for you to check out:

Important Reminders

  • Submit Your Legal Resume
    • Submit your legal resume to Career Development by August 1st (via e-mail to This is an important first step working with career development, so be sure to submit it on time! You can review their instructions again under the Career Development tab from the week of June 24th.
  • Sign-Up for Big / Little Mentor Program
    • Your Big / Little form is due by August 21st  and can be found under the Forms to Complete tab. This program is designed to give you an instant friend and help ease the transition to law school! You can read more about this program under Law School Essentials from the week of June 17th.
  • Request Your Faculty Advisor
    • If you haven’t done so already, make sure to request your Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisor form was due by July 12th, but we wanted to give one last reminder in case anyone forgot! The form can be completed under the Forms to Complete tab and additional information can be found under Law School Essentials from the week of June 17th.
  • Complete Roommate & Commuter Profile Form
    • In case anyone is still looking for a Roommate or looking for someone to carpool with from Omaha this fall, don’t forget to fill out our Roommate or Commuter Profile Form! Both of these can be found under the Forms to Complete section from the week of May 20th.

Week of June 17th

Faculty Advisor

First year students often have questions about classes and law school but are not always sure where to turn for answers. To help address these concerns, each incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor. You will meet your advisor and have lunch with him/her during Orientation.

Obtaining an Advisor in a Particular Area of Specialization

If you are interested in a particular area of the law and/or would like to have a faculty advisor who specializes in a specific area of the law, please complete the Faculty Advisor Form under the Forms to Complete section by July 12th. We will do our best to assign you to a faculty member who teaches in that area.

You will be notified of the name of your faculty advisor in August. Your advisor’s contact information, along with a biographical sketch, can be found on our website under “Faculty & Administration” (

Meeting with Your Advisor

Your advisor is available to answer your questions or to address concerns you may have about law school in general, law courses, your career goals, or other matters. No appointment is necessary, but often a quick email to set up a meeting time will ensure that your advisor (or any faculty member you would like to meet) is available.

Advising Beyond Your First Year

Your advisor is also available to help you with course selection in your second and third years of law school. As you know, all of your first-year courses are set. In the upper-class curriculum, you will have 15 required credit hours, and everything else you take is an elective. How will you decide? We provide detailed information about the upper-class curriculum on the website. Also, next March there will be a curriculum review session, and faculty advisors will have lunch with their advisees to discuss second and third year course selection.

Changing Your Advisor

The Faculty Advisor you are assigned as an incoming student does not have to remain as your Advisor throughout your entire law school career. If you make a connection with a different faculty member, change your area of focus, or want to change your advisor for any other reason, you can do so without any formal process. You simply start meeting with and/or approaching that other faculty member with your questions.

Finding an Alumni Mentor

Nebraska College of Law’s Alumni/Student Mentor Program has been developed to offer law students the opportunity to have an alumnus/alumna as a mentor. Through the program, alumni are paired with current students to help bridge the gap between the theory and practice of law. Your mentor will be a sounding board for you as you navigate your first year of law school and investigate potential career paths. This program will also help you begin to establish your professional network. The hope is that this program will have multiple benefits for you during your College years and beyond.

The time commitment is small and the expectation is for you to interact with your mentor in some manner at least once a month over the nine-month school year. Throughout the year, you will be provided with the tools you will need to be successful.

The opportunity for our students to interact with our alumni, should hopefully enrich your overall student experience and strengthen your alumni network.

Additional information, as well as the application form, can be found under the Forms to Complete section.

Big / Little Mentor Program

To ease the transition as you begin your law school journey, one of Nebraska Law’s Student Organizations sponsors our Big/Little Mentor Program which pairs interested 1Ls with compatible upperclass students, providing incoming students with a mentor and familiar face. This is an awesome way for incoming 1Ls to meet upperclass students who will be able to provide advice on classes, clubs, activities around Lincoln, and law school in general! These pairings are made using undergraduate majors, career interests, personality traits, hobbies, and backgrounds. If you are interested, please fill out the Big/Little Form Survey (under the Forms to Complete section) by August 21st so you can be matched with a mentor. Your mentor will contact you before the first day of classes!

Week of June 10th

Welcome from the Student Bar Association

The Nebraska Law Student Bar Association is the law school’s student government. The SBA works with the College of Law faculty and administration and plans social and community activities for the Nebraska Law Community including law school favorites Mel Shinn Day and Canned Immunity. You can learn more about SBA by reading this welcome letter from SBA President Deanna Hobbs and/or by visiting the SBA's information page:

Welcome Letter from SBA President

SBA Information Page

Nebraska Law Student Organizations

Student organization membership and involvement is one of the best ways to get connected and involved at Nebraska Law. With over 35 student organizations at Nebraska Law to choose from you are sure to find something that matches your interests! There are several ways to learn more about all of Nebraska Law’s student orgs.

  • Review a list of and find descriptions for all the student organizations on our website at:
  • Attend the Student Organization Fair during orientation. Like a career fair, the Student Org Fair will provide you the opportunity to visit tables hosted by each student org. You will have the chance to meet members of each organization, find out about the org’s mission, and how you can get involved. More details on the Student Org Fair will be sent out with the orientation information in late July.
  • Check out the Student Org Pitch Fest! During this fast moving event, held over the lunch hour, a representative from each organization will give a two minute pitch about their org highlighting the events they sponsor, community activities, and whatever else they can squeeze in in 120 seconds! A final date for the Pitch Fest has not been set yet so keep an eye on your email, the Sounding Block (the school newsletter) and the screens outside of the Dean’s Office once classes start for details.

Week of June 3rd

The 1L Class Schedule Is Out!

Curious to know what your days will look like come the fall semester. Well, the wait is over. The 1L fall semester schedule is out and can be found here

A couple things to note:

  • For the most part, all sections of the same subject are taught on the same days at the same times. You will find out which professor you have when you receive your registration information.
  • On the schedule you will see “LAWR Section” meetings on a couple different days at a couple different times.  These are the times that Legal Analysis, Research and Writing small groups will meet.  You not be assigned to a LAWR small group until closer to the start of the semester. If for some reason you cannot meet at any of the times noted on the calendar for LARW section meetings (childcare, attending part time, etc.) please contact Assistant Dean Marc Pearce ( or 402-472-2161) and he will work through the conflict with you. 

Registration Groups

Your registration group will be a group of 20-25 other first year students with whom you will have all of your classes (with the exception of your Legal Analysis, Research and Writing small group). These groups are put together at random and are all academically balanced. You will find out your Registration Group number when you get your Registration Packet. 

While you will not get a list of classmates who are in your Registration Group, it is not secret information. So if you are dying to know who is in your group, it’s ok to post on your Facebook Class Group page. You will likely have the opportunity to have lunch with your Registration Group during Orientation. Get to know these people as they are likely the ones who you will lean on with questions, notes if you are sick, and for general support! 

Registering for Classes

Attached to this week’s “This and That” email are a Memorandum from Assistant Dean Marc Pearce and a Registration Packet that is unique to your Registration Group. If you do not get the email or the Registration Packet by Thursday, June 6th, please notify Asst. Dean Tracy Warren at The memo and packet contains all sorts of good information for you including: the fall semester calendar; the 1L class schedule; work limitations; class descriptions; deadlines for withdrawing from classes; final exams; and, of course,  class  registration instructions, your registration group number, and the list of classes you will register for. Long story short, read the whole packet – it’s all important. 

A few things to note about class registration:

  • Read Dean Pearce’s memo and the Registration packet in their entirety. All the info is key. 
  • Registration is completed through MyRed. If you have not set up your account passwords through TrueYou and/or accessed MyRed yet you will need to do that before trying to register. Instructions for setting up both your MyRed and TrueYou can be found under University Necessities from the week of May 13th.
  • You must register for the courses that are assigned to you in your registration packet.
  • To find the classes you need to select, enter the 4 or 5 digit class number assigned for each class. Law College courses are not “searchable” in MyRed. Thus, you can only find the courses by entering the class number. 

Complete course registration by no later than Friday, June 14, 2019. If you are unable to register by the deadline please notify us immediately. We use course registration as another confirmation from you that you will be attending Nebraska Law in the fall. If you don’t register in time we will call you and find out why not. 

Week of May 25th

Nebraska Law Gear Purchasing

Feeling ready to gear up and wear some Nebraska College of Law apparel? You can visit our Nebraska Law Store online to order a wide variety of Nebraska Law items such as t-shirts, polos, sweaters, or sweatshirts. Get ready for the fall and start showing your Nebraska Law pride! Go Huskers! 

Summer Admitted Student Lunch Details

Mark your calendar for Friday, June 21st, when we will host a lunch for you and your future classmates! This is not a mandatory event and no new information will be distributed. Its simply an opportunity for a free meal and casual conversation! Do not worry about making special arrangements to attend if you live farther than 1 to 2 hours away from Lincoln. But, if you are looking for a time to visit and start your housing search, this could be a good time to do it. If you have questions or want to RSVP please e-mail Tracy Warren at

Summer Admitted Student Lunch

When: Friday, June 21, 2019

Time: 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

Where: Nebraska College of Law – Student Lounge

*Please feel free to join us anytime you can during the scheduled time*

Second Enrollment Deposit & Registration

As you will start to receive multiple email reminders this week, the second enrollment deposit deadline is soon approaching on Monday, June 3rd, 2019. If you haven’t already paid the second deposit, now is your chance!

Shortly after our second deposit deadline, during the week of June 3rd you will be receiving information by email regarding registration for your 1st year classes for the fall semester! Keep a look out for those emails next week. 

Week of May 20th

General text book information

Book lists for your courses will become available on this web portal in July. Until then, you don’t need to worry about getting a head start on purchasing your course text books. For now, you can relax!

Keep in mind, you will have several options for obtaining books for your law school courses.

  • New and used books can be purchased in the University Bookstore at the City Campus Union (The East Campus Union is under construction until fall 2020). The City Campus bookstore is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • The Student Bar Association will host a used book sale at the College of Law during orientation week – as orientation gets closer, we will provide you details regarding the book sale. 
  • Some students will choose to purchase or rent their books through online resources.
    • This is a perfectly acceptable way to purchase your books. However, when making online purchases or rentals make sure you are purchasing the proper edition of the book.
    • Not all books will be available from online providers.

Finding housing in Lincoln 

Looking for housing in Lincoln? Here are some options and ideas for you as you begin looking.  

Living on campus

Nebraska College of Law is located on UNL’s East Campus. Massengale Residential Center is the newest hall at UNL and is located on East Campus. Massengale features both traditional- and apartment-style (upperclass) rooms and is located within walking distance of Nebraska College of Law. 

You can view floor plans and additional details about University Housing here:

Typically, we don’t see as many graduate students living in On-Campus, however we do have a handful of students every year who choose this option.

Living off campus

Most law students choose to live off campus in apartments, townhomes, or houses throughout Lincoln. It is going to be your personal preference on the style and location of where you would like to live.

You may find some of these resources helpful as you are searching:

Finding a Roommate

Class of 2022 Facebook Page

  • The Class of 2022 Facebook Page is one way for you to communicate as prospective students, make connections, and find roommate. This allows both in-state and out-of-state students to connect and help each other through the housing search process. Not a member of the closed group page yet? Just search “Nebraska Law – Class of 2022” on Facebook and request to be added to the group. 

Roommate Profile Form

  • Another way to find a roommate is by filling out our Roommate Profile Form, which allows you to put down your interests, hobbies, and living preferences. Complete the form by June 7th and return it to us as directed on the form. 
    • After June 7th, We will create one PDF document containing all completed Roommate Profile Forms and send that document to all who submitted a form.  You can then view other students forms to find a roommate who may have those similar preferences and interests (i.e. pets, messy/organized, night owl, etc.) and reach out to those you think may be a good match for you. 
    • You can find the Roommate Profile Form under the “Forms to Complete” tab. 

Car Pool/Commuters 

Are you living in Omaha and commuting to Lincoln for class? Looking for others who will be doing the same and may want to carpool? We can help with that! 

Under the “Forms to Complete” tab, you will find a Commuter Form.  Complete the form by June 7th and return it to us as directed on the form.

  • After June 7th, we will create one PDF document containing all completed. Commuter Forms and send that document to all who submitted a form.  You are then free to reach out to any classmates looking to carpool!

Week of May 13th

Sign up for College of Law listservs

Important information will be provided to you through the College of Law listservs. As an entering student, you will be added to two law school listservs – one for your entering class (law2022) and one for the entire law school (alllaw). Professor Sandy Placzek manages and moderates these listservs.

To sign up for the College of Law Listservs:

  • Email Professor Sandy Placzek,, from your email account.
  • The subject line of the email should be “Class of 2022.”
  • The body of your email should contain your name (as you want it to be listed) and your email address.

Submit your final Undergraduate transcript

The American Bar Association requires that the College of Law obtain documentation that every student has his or her bachelor’s degree. This means we needs an official copy of your final transcript – one that reflects the type of degree you obtained and the date it was conferred – on file before you start classes at Nebraska Law. 

  • Recent Grads: If you graduated from undergrad after you submitted your application to Nebraska Law you need to Contact your undergraduate institution to have a transcript submitted to Nebraska Law by August 14, 2019.
    • If your college or university sends hard copy transcripts by regular mail, transcripts should be sent to:

      University of Nebraska
      College of Law
      Attn: Beki Colberg
      PO Box 830902
      Lincoln, NE 68583-0902
    • If your college or university sends electronic transcripts via email, transcripts should be emailed to:
  • Not recent grads: If you graduated from undergrad before you applied to Nebraska Law the transcript submitted with your application should show the type of degree you earned and the date of conferral. You do not need to submit a new transcript.
    • If you are unsure whether the transcript you submitted with your application was a “final” transcript give us a call and we can look at your application!

Keep your address and email current

It is important to keep your address and email with Nebraska Law and the University current. As you move over the summer and/or to Lincoln for law school, you will need to update your information – in two places! 

  • Nebraska Law: To update your address with Nebraska Law call or email Beki Colberg at 402-472-8263 or  
  • UNL: To update your address with the University, log into MyRed and update your address in that system.

Please note the Nebraska Law system and MyRed are not connected so you do need to update your address information in both places.