Gardner Publishes Updated Casebook

Gardner Publishes Updated Casebook

18 Aug 2017    

Professor Martin Gardner

Children and the Law, fourth edition, co-authored by Martin Gardner, Marci A. Hamilton and Anne Profitt Dupre, has been released.

This edition has been comprehensively updated and continues to focus on the foundation of children’s rights in Supreme Court cases, and to be an accessible and readable textbook for undergraduate, law, and graduate students. Children and the Law examines the rights and protections afforded minors under common law doctrine, federal constitutional principles and legislative enactments.

The casebook is divided into six sections:

  • Chapter 1 discusses minority as a legal status including the contrasting theories of the rights of juveniles.
  • Chapter 2 examines the rights of children with the context of the Family, including such topics as the interests of the parents, child and state, the care of the child, and protecting the health of the child.
  • Chapter 3 discusses child abuse and institutional neglect including such topics as adjudication, reporting statutes and neglect outside of the family.
  • Chapter 4 addresses the rights of children in the context of Society, including such topics as obscenity and pornography, privacy rights of minors, contract liability and tort liability.
  • Chapter 5 examines the rights of children in the context of School, including such topics as first amendment rights, religious practice, school discipline, school searches, discrimination, harassment and bullying and the disabled student.
  • Chapter 6 covers the Juvenile Justice System, including such topics as procedure, jurisdiction, the pre-adjudication process, adjudication, dispositions, and the future of juvenile justice.