Gilg, '77, Joins Time Health Management

19 Jul 2017    

Deborah Gilg

Time Health Management is pleased to announce that Former United States Attorney for Nebraska, Deborah R. Gilg, '77, has joined the company as Vice-President, General Counsel  and Chief Operating Officer.  Gilg, the first female US Attorney in Nebraska history, will be instrumental in the development of this growing multispecialty clinic focused on exceptional patient experiences and coordinated medical care. Time Health Management is a Nebraska corporation that focuses on preventative wellness medical practice, direct primary care, and employer based insurance care. 

Gerard Stanley, Jr., M.D., the CEO of Time Health, states,  “Mrs. Gilg brings a wealth of managerial and administrative experience to our organization as well as extensive experience from defense of medical malpractice claims against the Veteran’s Administration, workmen’s compensation medical claims issues and  plaintiffs private personal injury lawsuit experience. Her insights into healthcare delivery are both insightful and a breath of fresh air.  We are pleased to welcome her to a high level position as well as an ownership interest in our rapidly expanding organization.”