Pearlman and Ruser Appointed to Access to Justice Commission

Pearlman and Ruser Appointed to Access to Justice Commission

24 May 2017    

Professors Pearlman and Ruser

Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican has appointed Professors Stefanie Pearlman and Kevin Ruser as members of the newly created Access to Justice Commission.  The purpose of the Commission is to “promote the Nebraska Supreme Court’s goal of providing equal access to swift, fair justice for all Nebraskans regardless of income, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age or language.”

The 24-member Nebraska Access to Justice Commission brings together representatives from all three branches of government, as well as community members, attorneys and legal organizations, educators, and representatives from organizations serving low-income Nebraskans and those with disabilities.  

The Co-chairs of the Commission will be Nebraska Supreme Court Justice Stephanie Stacy, '91, and Nebraska State Bar Association Executive Director Liz Neeley.  The Commission is in the process of scheduling its first meeting, and will report regularly to the Nebraska Supreme Court.