Denicola Publishes Updated Casebook

Denicola Publishes Updated Casebook

19 May 2017    

Professor Denicola

Copyright, Unfair Competition, and Related Topics Bearing on the Protection of Works of Authorship, Twelfth Edition, co-authored by Ralph S. Brown and Robert C. Denicola, has been released.

The book emphasizes the fundamentals of copyright law while also providing comprehensive coverage of major contemporary issues such as digital dissemination, fair use, and service provider liability. Extensive coverage of areas related to copyright such as moral rights, unfair competition, and publicity rights distinguishes the book from other casebooks on copyright law. Traditional case and statutory analysis is supplemented by a rich collection of background materials that offer practical and policy perspectives on established doctrines and emerging issues. The book is manageable in size and organized to accommodate either a two-credit or three-credit course in copyright law. The new Twelfth Edition has been thoroughly updated and includes major Supreme Court decisions on patent protection for software-related inventions, the parameters of the public performance right, and the scope of copyright in useful articles, along with new court of appeals opinions on the scope of copyright protection for software, mass digitization, and fair use in education. New notes and background materials provide perspectives on the emerging visions for a new copyright statute.

This release marks the ninth edition that Professor Denicola has authored.