Faculty Advisor

First year students often have questions about classes and law school but are not always sure where to turn for answers. To help address these concerns, each incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor. You will meet your advisor and have lunch with him/her during Orientation.

Obtaining an Advisor in a Particular Area of Specialization
If you are interested in a particular area of the law and/or would like to have a faculty advisor who specializes in a specific area of the law, please complete the information below by July 12. We will do our best to assign you to a faculty member who teaches in that area. 

You will be notified of the name of your faculty advisor in August. Your advisor’s contact information, along with a biographical sketch, can be found on our website under “Faculty & Administration” (http://law.unl.edu/faculty-directory/).

Meeting with Your Advisor 
Your advisor is available to answer your questions or to address concerns you may have about law school in general, law courses, your career goals, or other matters. No appointment is necessary, but often a quick email to set up a meeting time will ensure that your advisor (or any faculty member you would like to meet) is available.

Advising Beyond Your First Year
Your advisor is also available to help you with course selection in your second and third years of law school. As you know, all of your first-year courses are set. In the upper-class curriculum, you will have 15 required credit hours, and everything else you take is an elective. How will you decide? We provide detailed information about the upper-class curriculum on the website. Also, next March there will be a curriculum review session, and faculty advisors will have lunch with their advisees to discuss second and third year course selection.

Changing your Advisor
The Faculty Advisor you are assigned as an incoming student does not have to remain as your Advisor throughout your entire law school career. If you make a connection with a different faculty member, change your area of focus, or want to change your advisor for any other reason, you can do so without any formal process. You simply start meeting with and/or approaching that other faculty member with your questions.