Contact the Dean

If you have complaints, questions, concerns or otherwise want to tell the Dean something, please use this form.

The Dean encourages you to submit your email address along with your comment. This will allow the Dean to contact you with any follow up questions regarding your concern and also to inform you of the action taken in response to your comment, if any action is needed. If you submit a comment anonymously, it may not be as effective because of the inability of the Dean to find out more information if necessary. 

However, if you would like this message to be anonymous, do not use your email address.  Also, please make sure that you are not logged into the UNL website when you submit your comment, because that would cause your user name to appear in the message to the Dean.

If you are not logged in, only your IP address will be recorded. Although the University is capable of tracing an IP address back to a user, the Dean will never have your IP address traced or examined, and will not have any knowledge of your identity.

If you would like to submit a truly anonymous, untraceable message to the Dean, please submit it in writing, put it in an envelope marked “To the Dean: Confidential" and slide it under the Dean’s Office door after hours.

Please note that the Dean is not an Official with Authority (OWA) in regard to Title IX reporting requirements. If you share your concerns here, or to someone not identified as an OWA, the university may not investigate your concerns as it may not have notice of those concerns. To the extent you want the university to take action, you need to report to an OWA, the University Police Department or the Title IX Coordinator. Visit the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance website for more information about reporting allegations of sex discrimination or sexual misconduct.

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