Pro Bono

Along with the privileges of being a lawyer comes responsibilities, one of which includes a lawyer’s pro bono obligation. Nebraska Law’s Pro Bono Initiative seeks to encourage and recognize students who volunteer legal services during their second and third years.

How to participate in the Pro Bono Initiative:
To be recognized under he initiative, pro bono work must be:

  • Uncompensated – students may not receive either money or academic credit;
  • Law-related – the work must involve the application, interpretation, instruction, or other use of the law under the guidance of a supervising attorney.
  • In the public interest – including, among other things, service to the indigent, efforts to protect essential rights and liberties, law reform projects, and projects to improve the legal profession or the public’s understanding of the law.

In addition to these requirements, pro bono work must be approved by the Dean’s office prior to completion to qualify for this initiative. A student seeking recognition under the Pro Bono Initiative must complete a Pro Bono Certification Form and submit it to the Dean’s Office. A separate form must be used for each pro bono project completed by the student.

How participants will be recognized:
Students completing 50 hours or more of qualified pro bono work during their second and/or third year at the College will receive a Dean’s certificate upon graduation. In some circumstances and with the approval of the Dean’s office, pro bono work done during the student’s first year can count toward the 50 hours.

Each year at least one student may be recognized for outstanding pro bono service.