Seminar Lottery Form

If you are interested in taking any seminar in the Fall 2020 or Sprin 2021 semester, you must complete this form by the deadlines below. Before completing this form, please read the Lotteries and Planning Tips sections of the Registration Packet.


  • Monday, April 6 - this form must be submitted by 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 7 - lottery results will be emailed by 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday, April 10 - 4:30 p.m. - you MUST let Vicki Lill know if you decide not to register for any of the lottery courses you got into. 

If you do not inform Vicki by the above date and time, you will be required to register for the course.

No drops of seminar courses will be allowed unless you receive permission from the faculty member teaching the seminar and Assistant Dean Pearce. 

All third year students must complete a seminar prior to graduation.

3Ls: Rank ALL seminars (1-10) below to help ensure you get one of your choice. Ranking or checking only one seminar will NOT guarantee you a spot. Do not rank fall and spring semesters separately. 

2Ls: Rank (1-10) but only the seminars you are interested in. 2Ls will be placed into the seminar openings after we confirm that all 3Ls have a spot in a seminar. Do not rank fall and spring semesters separately. 

Class Year
FALL 2020 - Economic Justice Seminar (Wilson)
FALL 2020 - International Gender Issues Seminar (Shavers)
FALL 2020 - International Human Rights Law Seminar (Lepard)
FALL 2020 - Law & Storytelling Seminar (Dooling)
FALL 2020 - Mental Health Law Seminar (Schopp)
SPRING 2021 - American Foreign Relations Law & Policy Seminar (Schaefer)
SPRING 2021 - Constitutional Problems Seminar (Duncan)
SPRING 2021 - Employment Law Seminar (Willborn)
SPRING 2021 - Native American Law Seminar (Shoemaker)
SPRING 2021 - Copyright Law Seminar (Denicola)
I am graduating in December 2020