Clinic Staff and Students Recognized for Work Supporting Veterans

19 Dec 2019    

Clinic Staff with Challenge Coins

Staff of the College of Law’s clinical programs were recognized for their work in supporting the Veterans Advocacy Project. Joe Brownell, director of UNL’s Military and Veteran Success Center presented staff members with challenge coins.

Earlier this semester, Brownell recognized clinic students for their work on the Veterans Advocacy Project. As part of the presentation, Brownell shared the history and customs behind military challenge coins.

The Veterans Advocacy Project seeks to examine and address both individual and systemic legal issues affecting veterans and their families. Clinic Student with Challenge CoinsLaunched in 2015, the Project sought to address the lack of affordable legal services for veterans.  To fill this need, the Project developed the Veterans Coffee and Counsel Program, wherein student attorneys provide limited scope legal services to veterans in need, and the Wills for Heroes Program, wherein student attorneys draft wills and other estate planning documents for veterans and their spouses.  The Project also provides full service representation in certain civil matters and through the Clinic’s Clean Slate Project.  The Veterans Advocacy Project also seeks to advance policies that both honor and benefit those who served.