Immigration Clinic Clients

Immigration Clinic Clients

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The final decision regarding which types of cases and how many cases will be accepted by the Immigration Clinic rests exclusively with the faculty supervisor. Historically, the focus of the Immigration Clinic has been on the following types of cases:  family-based immigrant cases, deportation defense, asylum cases (both affirmative and defensive), application for immigration benefits based on being a crime or domestic violence victim, Special Immigrant Juvenile visa cases, post-conviction claims based on failure of defense counsel to advise of immigration consequences of criminal proceedings, and other matters in which the Immigration Clinic has experience and expertise. The Immigration Clinic does not accept any deportation cases in which the client is being detained (held in custody) by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nor does it accept any employment-based immigration cases or non-immigrant cases (i.e., student visa cases, H-1B visa cases, etc.).

Cost of Services

There is no charge for attorneys’ fees. Clients may be responsible for immigration filing fees or other legal costs imposed by Immigration or a court if they are not eligible for a fee waiver.

Eligibility Guidelines

The Immigration Clinic does not have strict financial eligibility guidelines.  However, the Clinic primarily accepts clients whose household income falls below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines and whose assets are of minimal value.

Even if applicants are financially eligible, the Clinic may not take a case if it does not fit a present educational need of the students.  The faculty supervisor has final say over whether the Clinic will accept any particular case.

Service Area

The Immigration Clinic primarily serves clients in Nebraska.  If a case involves a state court proceeding outside of Nebraska, the Immigration Clinic cannot be involved in that part of the case.

How to Apply for Services

Call the Clinic number (402-472-3271).  You will hear a voice message directing you through a menu of options.  One of the options will inform you whether the Clinic is taking new cases and, if so, the types of cases being taken.  The menu will also let you know how you can apply for the Clinic’s services.  Generally, applications can be taken over the telephone during the Clinic’s regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  If your case is accepted, it will be assigned to a team of students who will contact you to schedule an initial interview.