Housing Justice Clinic Students

The Housing Justice Clinic is a 6-credit hour course where students will engage in a variety of case and project work focused on housing justice. A significant component of the curriculum will be devoted to supporting the Tenant Assistance Project (TAP), wherein students will provide direct representation to low-income families facing eviction. Under close supervision and mentorship, students will conduct client interviews, negotiate with landlords, argue motions, and take matters to trial. In addition to TAP work, students will take the lead role in affirmative claims brought on behalf of tenants, such as claims to recover unlawfully withheld security deposits, and claims to enforce a tenant’s rights under the lease and under the law. Students may also be assigned to represent tenants in seeking housing accommodations or bringing a claim for housing discrimination. In addition to casework, students will engage in policy work related to housing justice, affordable housing, access to legal representation, and legislation. Students enrolled in the Housing Justice Clinic will have opportunities to work with other housing advocates, the legislature, and local officials on matters seeking to improve housing justice for Nebraska’s renters.        

Housing Justice Clinic is a 6 credit hour clinic. Preference is given to student registered in the Litigation Skills Program of Concentrated Study. Pre- or corequisite: Pretrial Litiation; Prerequisite: Legal Profession. The Housing Justice Clinic has a limited enrollment of 4 students. 

The Housing Justice Clinic has a classroom component that meets once during the week preceding the beginning of the semester (typically the Friday before classes start), and then at least once a week thereafter. The classes are scheduled for a time that is mutually convenient for the students and faculty