Civil Clinic Students

The caseload covers a wide range of civil problems. Typical cases include family law, veterans’ matters, bankruptcy, guardianships/conservatorships, collection, landlord-tenant, housing, administrative appeals, conversion and replevin, name changes, and negligence. An effort is made to provide each student with as wide a variety of cases as possible. Students may register for either 4 or 6 hours' credit in the Civil Clinic. In addition, each semester at least five Clinic students participate in an Advance Directive Clinic held at various senior centers around Nebraska, during which students draft simple wills, durable power of attorney instruments, health care power of attorney instruments, and living wills for eligible senior clients.  The Civil Clinic has a classroom component that meets each week during the semester. The focus of the first few classes is Clinic office orientation and office management systems, client interviewing, litigation planning, motion practice, and negotiation. After these initial classes, “case rounds” will take place each week, at which a team of students will present on one or more topics of their choosing to their Clinic colleagues. The first three classroom hours are front-loaded during the Friday before classes begin. The remaining classes and case rounds are scheduled for two hours each week at a time that is mutually convenient for students and faculty.


All students except those interested in the Immigration Clinic will be selected by an application process held during the pre-registration period in the spring. In other words, students interested in taking any Clinic other than the Immigration Clinic during the summer, fall or spring must apply and register during the registration period held in the spring. The application deadline is announced in the Sounding Block and by email to student listservs. To apply for a Clinic, students complete an application form and other required documents online. At the time the application deadline is announced, forms will be made available to students so they can complete them. The Dean's Office emails the selection results to students selected. Students in the Immigration Clinic are selected through an application process conducted in February of each year.

Students may only take one Clinic in any one semester; however, students wishing to be considered for more than one Clinic during the course of a year should sign up to be considered for multiple Clinics (in whcih case, students must rank their Clinic preferences). The preference given is taken account of to the extent possible. This is not the case for students taking the Immigration Clinics. Students taking the Immigration Clinic are not eligible to take any other Clinics.

Civil Clinic Student of the Year

2013-14: Kyle McGinn

2014-15: Megan McDowell
2015-16: Alex Lierz