The Career Development Office provides our students the resources necessary to conduct a successful search for employment. We also strive to build the knowledge base and network needed to promote a successful job search.

Resources include our hard-copy library with volumes dedicated to the exploration of practice areas and job search advice, as well as online resources such as paid subscriptions to online job search engines. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the resources we make available to you include extensive programming and access to our alumni databases.

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  • Resource Library
  • Online Resources
  • Programming
  • Alumni Connections

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Online Resources

The vast majority of information you will need to access will be available online. Some sites are free public databases and others require paid subscriptions. Nebraska Law CDO pays subscriptions on your behalf to make sure you have access to many databases and materials. The passwords necessary to access the sites are available through the 12Twenty document library. The passwords may not be shared with others. 

Here are some of the most useful sites:


Educational Programs, Workshops, and Seminars

Students are offered numerous workshops, panel discussions, and informational sessions throughout the academic year. These presentations utilize practicing attorneys, alumni, and career services staff to target specific student career interests and needs. Some of the subjects covered include: preparing for the job search, judicial clerkships, non-traditional careers, starting your own practice, and bar examination preparation.

The following programs and series are presented annually in addition to some of our more basic seminars and workshops. See our calendar of upcoming events for specific dates. RSVP for upcoming events in your 12Twenty account.

Exploring Opportunities – Each segment of this series will examine a distinct practice area through a moderated discussion with a panel of experienced practitioners. We firmly believe that students benefit from learning about the broad spectrum of practice areas available to law school graduates. Getting exposed to these distinct practice areas early in your legal education allows you time to explore, gain experience, and better prepare yourself for the post-graduate job search.

Nebraska Law has a robust and very supportive alumni base. Whether you are looking to make connections in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, California or places in between, we have alumni who have been helpful and gracious with their assistance.

Our privacy policy allows us to release business contact information of our alumni to students for networking purposes. We can search our database for specific practice areas or geographic regions to help you identify individuals who may be in a position to offer advice and suggestions to you as you move forward in your career development.

We have alumni distributed around the US and internationally as well.  If you are interested in tapping into our alumni connections, please come to the CDO and talk to us about the cities or states you are interested in targeting. Alternatively, you can get a good deal of information online through


Reciprocity Policy   All Schools Reciprocity Policies

Reciprocity allows Nebraska Law students and alumni to use resources from other law schools' Career Development Offices. Students and alumni may receive reciprocity with law schools outside the Nebraska Law area. Although each school has its own reciprocity policy, which typically involves a one-for-one exchange, requests for reciprocity must be initiated by the Career Development Office. It is typical practice to allow a reciprocity request to only one school in any given legal market.  So, for example, you would be limited to seeking reciprocity with only one of the many schools in and around Chicago. Please contact the Career Development Office at and we will request reciprocity on your behalf.

Individual schools' reciprocity policies can be found on the NALP website. It is recommended that Nebraska Law students review the policies of the other school before requesting reciprocity. 

Law schools typically do not permit reciprocity during specific blackout periods. Typically these blackout periods fall between August 1 – November 15. 

If you are not a Nebraska Law current student or Alum and would like to request reciprocity please review the policy below and have your school Career Development Office contact out Reciprocity Coordinator via mail or email:

Reciprocity Coordinator
Career Development Office
University of Nebraska Law 
1875 N. 42nd St
Lincoln, NE 68503