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Bob Works Margaret R. Larson Professor of Insurance Law Emeritus

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Professor Works is the Margaret R. Larson Professor of Insurance Law. From 1967 to 1969, he was a Legislative Research Fellow at the University of Michigan Law School. From 1969 to 1970, he was a special consultant to the Michigan Department of Commerce and was a staff member of the Michigan Governor's Commission on Insurance Availability in Urban Core Areas. He joined the Nebraska faculty in 1970.
Professor Works was Co-Reporter for the ABA Commission to Improve the Liability Insurance System (1987-1989) and Principal Consultant for the Ford Foundation Nonprofit Sector Liability and Insurance Project (1988-1989). He is author of Nebraska Property and Liability Insurance Law (1985). He is a member of the American Risk and Insurance Association and twice has been a Harry J. Loman Insurance Insurance Research Fellow. He teaches first-year Contracts, Insurance Law, and a seminar on Insurance Institutions which in recent years has concentrated on issues in health care financing.


Contracts I Law 501/G (3-6 cr hr, max 6)
When taken for 6 credits, includes both LAW 501G and 502G. Basic principles governing the creation, interpretation and enforcement of private agreements. Offer and acceptance, consideration, the effect of changed or unforeseen circumstances, conditions and remedies.

Insurance Law Law 783/G (ECON *814) (1-4 cr hr)
Principles of insurance law. Focuses on features of common insurance contracts and the legislative, judicial and administrative supervision of both insurance contracts and the insurance industry.

Health Care Finance Seminar Law 701/G (1-4 cr hr)
Analysis of specific issues in the design and control of market and governmental mechanisms for the diversification of risk.







J.D., 1967, St. Louis University
A.B., 1966, Kansas State University

Areas of Expertise


Margaret R. Larson Professor of Insurance Law, 1987
Professor of Law, 1976
Associate Professor of Law, 1973
Assistant Professor of Law, 1970