Woods Aitken Outstanding Student Award


The Woods Aitken Outstanding Student Award recognizes a third-year student who has committed to building the Nebraska Law community. The student demonstrates excellence in the classroom and exemplifies qualities consistent with the College’s mission and values.


  • Currently enrolled at the College of Law.
  • Good academic standing.
  • Brings benefit to Nebraska Law through their actions and commitment to community and service

Self-nominations are accepted, as are nominations from faculty, staff, students, or alumni. All nominations will be submitted by Dean Moberly to the Dean’s Advisory Board Executive Committee for selection. Questions should be directed to Molly Brummond.


Cash prize and medal awarded at the Dean's Advisory Board Awards banquet and permanent recognition through a publicly-displayed plaque at the college.

Most Recent Winner

Rachel Tomlinson Dick, '22

Rachel Tomlinson Dick exemplifies the mission and values of the College of Law through her dedication to public service and her academic achievements. Rachel is a Schmid Research Fellow, former president of Nebraska OUTLaw, and the recipient of a Ms. JD Public Interest Scholarship, the Theodore C. Sorensen Fellowship, the 2022 Student Award for Outstanding Impact through Pro Bono Service, the NSBA Outstanding Student Advocate Award, and several CALI Excellence for the Future Awards. In January 2022, Rachel was selected to present remarks during a program hosted by the White House and Attorney General Merrick Garland recognizing the Tenant Assistance Project and efforts of other law schools. The same week, Rachel and her clinic partner presented an argument before the Nebraska Supreme Court. 

Rachel Tomlinson Dick headshot

Previous Winners
  • 2021: Curtis Fuller
  • 2020: Madison Huber
  • 2019: Joy M. Kathurima
  • 2018: Jared Koch
  • 2017: Michael Blackburn
  • 2016: Christopher Schmidt
  • 2015: Katie Joseph
  • 2014: Paige Amundson
  • 2013: Allyson G. Peetz
  • 2012: Audrey Johnson & Christine Baughman
  • 2011: Joshua Wunderlich
  • 2010: Coady H. Pruett
  • 2009: Michelle M. Weber
  • 2008: Laura E. Antonuccio
  • 2007: Ryan J. Sevcik
  • 2006: Christopher J. Riffle
  • 2005: Alisa M. Rosales
  • 2004: David J. A. Bargen
  • 2003: Anthony B. Schutz
  • 2002: Paula S. Lyon
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