Outstanding Service Award


The Outstanding Service Award recognizes an alumna/us or friend of the College who provides exceptional service to the College of Law.


  • Distinguished by demonstrating loyalty, leadership and service to the College of Law.
  • Needs not be an alumna/us.

Medal awarded at the Dean's Advisory Board Awards banquet and permanent recognition through a publicly-displayed plaque at the college.

Most Recent Winner

Marty R. Davis and the Marvin & Virginia Schmid Foundation 

Marty is the chair of the Marvin & Virginia Schmid Foundation board of directors. The Foundation name can be found all over the building—from the Schmid Law Library to the Schmid Clinic Building. Marty has also made scholarships for our students a priority of the Foundation.

Marty Davis portrait
Previous Winners
  • 2019: John C. Anderson
  • 2018: Janice M. Gradwohl
  • 2017: Earl Scudder
  • 2016: Glenda Pierce
  • 2015: Dennis Weibling
  • 2014: Esther Beynon
  • 2013: Harvey S. Perlman
  • 2012: James R. Nearhood
  • 2011:  Deryl Hamann
  • 2010: Robert & Joanne Berkshire
  • 2009: Earl & Patricia Scudder
  • 2008: Suzy & Charlie Wright
  • 2007: Barb & Ron Schaefer
  • 2006: Claire & Charlene Johnson
  • 2005: Alan H. Frank
  • 2004: The Children of Harold W. Kauffman
  • 2003: Marvin & Virginia Schmid
  • 2002: Richard C. & Catherine Stuart Schmoker
Katie Pfannenstiel portrait
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Katie Pfannenstiel
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Event Planning