Distinguished Alumni Award


The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes a graduate who has made outstanding contributions to the legal profession by supporting the community through hard work and diligence, selflessly paving the way for future leaders.


  • Properly nominated.
  • Graduate of the Nebraska College of Law.
  • Brings credit to the Law College by virtue of their recognized professional success.

Medal awarded at the Dean's Advisory Board Awards banquet and permanent recognition through a publicly-displayed plaque at the college.

Most Recent Winner

Sen. Matt H. Williams

Senator Williams is a 1974 graduate of the College of Law. He is currently representing District 36 in the Nebraska legislature. In addition to serving as a state legislator, Williams is the chairman of the board of directors for Flatwater Bank (formerly Gothenburg State Bank).

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Previous Winners
  • 2019: Gail S. Perry
  • 2018: Hon. Michael G. Heavican
  • 2017: Connie Collingsworth
  • 2016: Hon. William Jay Riley
  • 2015: Deborah Gilg
  • 2014: Hon. Vernon Daniels
  • 2013: Kim M. Robak
  • 2012: John M. & Janice M. Gradwohl
  • 2011:  Senator E. Benjamin Nelson
  • 2010: Robert W. Korba
  • 2009: Hon. Arlen Beam
  • 2008: Clayton K. Yeutter
  • 2007: Charles Thone
  • 2006: Hon. Laurie Smith Camp
  • 2005: Donald C. Farber
  • 2004: D. Nick Caporale
  • 2003: Theodore C. Sorensen
  • 2002: Duane W. Acklie
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