Advising & Mentoring Programs

The faculty of the College of Law care about students, on both an academic and a personal level. Each incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor who is more than willing to answer any questions the student may have about law school, course selections, career goals or whatever. First year students meet their faculty advisors during orientation in August.

Big / Little Mentoring Program

The Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity sponsors a voluntary program that matches each first year student with a second or third year student who can help answer the questions that a first year student often has and who can be a source of moral support, friendship and advice throughout the year.

Applications are sent to incoming students with the registration materials in June. Interested students are matched with upper-class students in July, and receive the names of their Big in August. Applications are also accepted at any other time. The program is optional, free and does not require fraternity membership.

Alumni Mentoring

Mentoring serves as a bridge between the theory and the practice of law. Students learn by example from mentors who care deeply about improving law and its administration, and are willing to help guide those who follow them into the profession. Mentors can help students consider what type of career they would like to pursue, what classes to take, and provide overall professional development advice. If you have questions about the program, please contact Katie Pfannenstiel at