Field Placement (Externship) Student Proposal

This is the Student Proposal form. This and the Supervisor Agreement are both required to begin an externship.

Before submitting this form, please be aware of and do the following: 

  • Submitting this form does not constitute approval for placements or constitute course registration (completed in MyRed).
  • Your electronic signature here is considered verified by your username on the Nebraska network. Please be sure to register using your Huskers email account. 
  • Ensure that the required one credit hour externship course aligns with your schedule. 
  • Review the Supervisor's Manual so that you understand what is expected of your supervisor and this experience.
  • Students should email-introduce their supervisor to Professor Magilton before the start of the position to ensure they are in contact and have the correct information. If your supervisor's organization has never had an extern student before, they must schedule a call or visit with the Director of Externships, Professor Magilton. 
Your Husker email is required, but if you prefer an alternate service, you may enter both. Ex.;
Class year at the time of placement (if summer, select the year you're starting in August) Required
Session of placement Required
Credit hours Required
Note, 42.5 hours are required for one academic credit hour. Our course is one credit hour. See the Student FAQ page for a credit hour chart. Credit hours may be changed in MyRed after the submission of this form up until the registration drop/add date.
Proposed start date Required
Proposed end date Required
Is the proposed onsite supervisor a licensed attorney? Required
If the onsite supervisor is not a licensed attorney the Director of Externships must approve that work still meets the standards for legal academic credit and submit their decision to the faculty Curriculum Committee.
Has your onsite supervisor received a copy of the Supervisor Manual and Expectations and/or spoke with the Director of Externships? Required
It is also required that students email-introduce their supervisor to Elsbeth Magilton before the start of the position to ensure they are in contact and to facilitate any necessary site visits.
I recognize that this form does NOT register me for the appropriate credit hours and that I must register for my hours in MyRed after this form has been accepted. Required
Will you receive payment for your onsite externship hours in the form of direct compensation or fellowships during the externship? Required
Such payments must not compromise the educational nature of the externship and must align with the learning goals of the program. Students must never be paid for hours spent in the supplementary externship course or working on assignments for that course.