Experiential Learning

Our clinic programs give third-year law students an opportunity to represent actual clients. Full-time faculty members provide a valuable and unique learning experience as they supervise students working on real cases. The four clinical programs offer experiences comparable to what a new attorney might face in the first few years of practice. Third-year students can choose to participate in the: Civil Clinic, Criminal Clinic, Immigration Clinic or Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic.


Externships provide students with an opportunity to put the legal knowledge that they have acquired into practice while earning academic credit. The College has multiple established externships, but students also have the opportunity to set up externships that better suit their needs and interests.

Externships are experiential learning opportunities that give students practical experiences for academic credit. Similar to job shadowing, externs are closely supervised by attorneys who will walk them through day-to-day routines at the company or organization. The experience allows students to apply their coursework learning to a real life setting. Externships offer samples of career possibilities. It is a chance for students to observe and ask questions.

Externships can lead to opportunities after students complete their studies. They are also a source of networking contacts.

Externships are not only conducted for the benefit of the extern, but for the host as well. Both parties get a chance to observe one another. Successful externships could lead to recruitment possibilities which would be based on a thoroughly informed decision.

Opportunities Policy