LL.M. in Space, Cyber, and Telecom Law

Professor Matthew Schaefer

Welcome to the University of Nebraska College of Law's Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Program! Our LL.M. degree is the first of its kind in the United States and the only degree of its kind in the world taught in English. We have an outstanding permanent faculty, including Professor Frans von der Dunk and Professor Jack Beard, and adjunct faculty, including Fred Campbell (former Wireless Bureau Chief at FCC), Dennis Burnett (Vice-President of Trade and Export Controls at EADS North America), and Darren Huskisson (former Chief of Space and Cyber Law at USSTRATCOM) to teach you these "new frontier" areas of the law and other related topics too.

We draw speakers from the Air Force, NASA, Federal Communications Commission, White House, DirecTV, US Strategic Command, Washington, D.C. law firms, academia, SpaceX, Clearwire, Skype, Virgin Galactic, and Boeing and many other companies and organizations to our conferences. Our library and classrooms are recently remodeled. We have a superb and welcoming staff. Please explore our web site and be sure to contact us to let us know of your interest in our LL.M. degree, our other degrees, or our conferences.

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Professor Matt SchaeferDirector, Space and Telecom Law Program

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