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The Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law team hosts an impressive lineup of the world’s greatest minds annually at conferences in Washington DC and in Lincoln, Nebraska and at occasional events around the world. Explore our past conferences and learn about our upcoming events!

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State, Local and Regional Issues in Cybersecurity

March 17, 2017
University of Nebraska College of Law
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This conference brings together a range of speakers and perspectives to discuss cybersecurity issues facing actors at the state, local, and regional level – including state and local government, local and federal law enforcement (including military and intelligence), firms and entrepreneurs, legal and security practitioners, individuals, and groups representing various public interest concerns. Topics will include cybersecurity issues facing law enforcement, critical infrastructure, and government. Participants include speakers from the Nebraska-based business and government, the Universities of Nebraska, Indiana-Bloomington, Pittsburgh, California-Berkeley, Southern Illinois, Seton Hall; the National Guard; the New America Foundation; the National Governor’s Association; and others. 

The conference is open to the public and is free of charge unless the attendee is an attorney seeking CLE credit. We ask that even those not seeking CLE credit still register to help us order food accurately.

The cost for CLE-attendance is $50. The conference has been approved for CLE credit in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas (pending), and Minnesota (pending). 

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9:00        Convene & Introductions: Welcome from Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

9:30        Panel 1: Law Enforcement Issues

Catherine Crump, University of California, Berkeley
David Opderbeck, Seton Hall University
Jennifer Brobst, Southern Illinois University
Dennis Kamph, Department of Justice, Attorney-Investigator

Law enforcement is on the front-lines of cybersecurity enforcement. Many security incidents implicate any number of federal and state laws, and investigating these incidents involves state and local resources. Such investigations present a range of unique challenges, from the application of laws written decades ago to the modern technological setting, to complex jurisdictional and venue challenges; to difficult evidentiary and logistical challenges in pursuing investigations and prosecuting offenses. This panel will explore these various concerns.

10:50     Panel 2: Infrastructure

Scott Shackelford, Indiana-Bloomington (Business School)
Ezra Glanzer, Washington National Guard
Bryan Tuma, Assistant Director of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
Peter Sakaris, President and owner of ISS, Inc

Modern life relies on myriad infrastructure systems, from roads and airports; to water, and electricity distribution; to telephone, Internet, and other communications; to banking; to voting and civic government systems. Today, most of these systems are built on their own cyber-infrastructures, exposing them to a wide range of cybersecurity concerns. This panel will discuss the scope of these concerns across various types of infrastructure, and the legal obligations for preventing, protecting against, and responding to these attacks.

12:10     Lunch Keynote: Michael Garcia, Homeland Security and Public Safety, National Governors’ Association

Cybersecurity is a current focus area for the National Governors Association (NGA). We will be joined by a representative of the NGA to hear about the key concerns that the NGA is working to address, its legislative priorities, and best-practices for state-level cybersecurity concerns.

1:00        Panel 3: Government and Governance

David Nussbaum, Albany Law School
Emefa Agawu, New America Foundation
David Thaw, Pittsburgh Law
Tyler White, University of Nebraska Political Science
Hon. Joseph F. Bataillon, Senior United States District Judge

This panel will consider cybersecurity from the perspective of government: how does government manage its own systems and how does government best approach cybersecurity regulation (criminal, civil, and administrative). This panel will consider empirical studies of state-level cybersecurity procurement and management practices, and studies of how best to allocate and organize state and regional resources to address cybersecurity issues.

2:20 Closing Remarks

2:30 Adjournment

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