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The Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law team hosts an impressive lineup of the world’s greatest minds annually at conferences in Washington DC and in Lincoln, Nebraska and at occasional events around the world. Explore our past conferences and learn about our upcoming events below!

Upcoming Conferences:

New Space Technologies and Changing Business Models: Perspectives on Regulation

9th Annual University of Nebraska Washington, D.C. Space Law Conference

Oct. 17, 2016,  

The National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW,  13th Floor, Washington, DC 20045


Many new satellite technologies, and business case uses for those technologies, are being developed-- from large geostationary satellites with increased throughput and space situational awareness possibilities, to large constellation, mass-produced smaller low-earth orbit satellites, to cube and micro sats with increased capabilities and deployments from launch vehicles en mass, to “cellular” satellite models and assembly in space.  Additionally, some technology changes such as commoditization of satellites and lower launch costs could impact business models involving other new technologies, such as on-orbit satellite servicing, although market segmentation could also result.  In addition to satellite technology advancements, many other new space technologies and business models potentially will be coming online in the near future, including those for new launch systems and asteroid mining.  These developments raise numerous issues for space traffic management, surveillance and tracking, orbital debris, spectrum sharing and interference, on-orbit or in-space regulation of space activities by governments, and national licensing standards of remote sensing systems.  Broader questions of what role government versus the private sector should play as well as what changes, if any, will be needed to US commercial space regulation, and international soft-law, to address these potential new challenges arise as well.
11:40-12:40 LUNCH
12:40-1PM: Dr. George C. Nield, Associate Administrator for Commercial Space, FAA (confirmed)
1:10-2:15 Panel 1: Challenges of New Technologies and Business Models: Space Traffic Management, Space Situational Awareness and Orbital Debris
Moderators: [Matthew Schaefer or Dennis Burnett] & Danielle Miller
Panelist 1: Steph Earl, Space Traffic Lead & Air Force Interface Lead, FAA (confirmed)
Panelist 2: [Mark N. Brown, Consultant, Schafer Corp. & NASA Astronaut (ret.) or Don Greiman, Vice-President, SSA Business Unit, Schafer Corp.](confirmed)
Panelist 3: Matt Bearzotti, Government Affairs Manager, Intelsat (invited)
Panelist 4: Chris Kunstadter, Senior VP, XL Catlin (confirmed)
Panelist 5: Professor Jack Beard, Univ. of Nebraska Law College (confirmed)
2:30-3:30 Panel 2: Challenges of New Technologies and Business Models to Existing Licensing Regimes: Remote Sensing and Spectrum
Moderators: Dennis Burnett & Franceska Schroeder
Panelist 1: Glenn Talia, Section Chief, NOAA GC - Weather, Satellite & Research Section (invited)
Panelist 2: Karen Yasumura, Director of Government Relations, Digital Globe (invited)
Panelist 3: Karl Kensinger, Deputy Division Chief, Satellite Division, FCC (confirmed)
Panelist 4: Rich Leshner, Vice President, Government Affairs and Global Policy Initiatives, Planet Labs (confirmed)
Panelist 5: Professor Irmgard Marboe
3:45-5:00 Panel 3: Potential New In-Space or On-Orbit Licensing Authority for New Activities
Moderators: Matthew Schaefer & Franceska Schroeder
Panelist 1: Laura Montgomery, Manager, Space Law Branch, FAA (confirmed)
Panelist 2: Caryn Schenewerk, Senior Counsel and Director of Government Affairs, SpaceX (confirmed)
Panelist 3: Mike Gold, Vice-President, Washington Operations, SSL (confirmed)
Panelist 4: Peter Marquez, Vice-President for Global Engagement, Planetary Resources (confirmed)
Panelist 5: Mike Mineiro, Counsel, Sub-Committee on Space, House Science Committee (invited)
Panelist 6: Professor Frans von Der Dunk, University of Nebraska Law College (confirmed)
5:00-5:20  Closing Remarks -Mike Griffin, CEO Schafer Corp., Former NASA Administrator (invited)
5:20- 6:20 Reception


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