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Professor Steve Lee

Y.S. (Steve) Lee Visiting Professor of Law



Professor Lee is a lawyer, economist, and international relations scholar with internationally-recognized authority in law and development and international trade law. He is currently Director and Professorial Fellow of the Law and Development Institute and Visiting Professor of Law, University of Nebraska College of Law. He has also taught and conducted academic research at prominent universities throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia for twenty years. He graduated with a degree in economics and academic distinction from the University of California at Berkeley and received law degrees from the University of Cambridge (B.A., M.A., Ph.D). He is licensed to practice law in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States (California and North Carolina) and the United Kingdom.

Professor Lee has published over one hundred academic articles, books, chapters, and shorter notes with leading publishers in North America, Europe, and Asia, in the areas of international economic law, law and development, development/institutional economics, comparative law, and international commercial arbitration. He has developed the “General Theory of Law and Development” and the “New General Theory of Development Economics,” which examines the causal mechanisms by which law impacts development and analyzes the constituent elements of economic development, respectively. He is currently an associate editor of the Journal of World Trade and the founding editor-in-chief of the Law and Development Review.

Professor Lee participated in a number of bilateral and multilateral negotiations on international trade and investment at international forums such as the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. He has appeared before WTO dispute settlement panels and the WTO Appellate Body as a government counsel, and advised national governments, international law firms, and consulting companies on international trade and development projects and major international commercial arbitration cases. He has frequently spoken on issues of international economic law, law and development, and the WTO through over seventy speech engagements at prominent forums such as Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and the World Bank.


Contracts Law 501
The basic principles governing the creation, interpretation and enforcement of private agreements.

Contract Drafting
Contract drafting skills and the abilities to conduct negotiations are essential for attorneys serving clients in various commercial transactions. The Transactional Skills Course is designed to meet this need by providing instructions on contract drafting and negotiation for transactions. By the end of the course students are expected to understand the requirements for contract drafting and the elements of successful negotiation. The course also provides students with opportunities to play the role of a counsel in simulated transactions by planning for a transaction (e.g. performing due diligence and deal design), conducting negotiations against the opposing counsel, and producing documents in preparation for the transaction.

Law and Economic Development
Law and development addresses the impact of law, legal frameworks, and institutions (LFIs) on social and economic development. LFIs have significant impacts on development, particularly economic development. Recognizing this importance, the post-2015 development initiatives by the United Nations (“Sustainable Development Goals” or “SDGs”) includes rule of law as a development agenda.

The course explores the theories and practices pertaining to law and development. In particular, the course explains how LFIs affect economic development in several key areas relevant to economic development, such as property rights, political governance, regulatory framework for business transactions, industrial promotion, banking and financing, labor, corruption, and international legal frameworks (international economic law and international development law).

The course examines law and development issues in developing countries as well as developed countries, such as the United States. Knowledge in economics or development study is helpful but NOT required to take this course.


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The Korean Institution & Economics Academic Award: Grand Prize for Article  (2021)

University of Manchester Strategic Investment Research Fund  (2013-2014)

Shim Dhang Academic Award in International Trade and Business Transactions  (2010)

University of Sydney Faculty of Law Redesign Grant  (2009)

University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law Visiting Research Fellowship Grant  (2008)

St. John’s University School of Law Summer Research Grant  (2007)

University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science Research Grant  (2004)

Oakland University Faculty Research Fellowship Grant  (2002)