Student Organization Resources

Before planning an event, check the Event Calendar to ensure there are no conflicting events happening when you'd like to hold your event. You do not need to submit an event on the calendar, this will be done for you after have submitted the appropriate request. Requests should be submitted through the StoryVita platform. If you do not have access, please contact Assistant Dean Molly Brummond.

Room Reservations and Permits

CLE Partnerships

Having your organization's event certified for CLE credit will help draw an audience larger than exclusively College of Law students, it also allows members of your organization to meet alumni and community members interested in the topic. 

If you would like to consider having your event certified, contact Katie Pfannenstiel

Promoting Your Event

Sounding Block
The student newsletter comes out on Monday mornings. Events that are list on the calendar will be included in this email the week before and week of the event. If your organization has other announcements, they need to be submitted to Amber Ediger  by Thursday at noon.

Hall Monitors
Hall monitors announcement slides are updated every Monday. All Nebraska Law events are included on the hall monitor schedule slides. If your organization has other announcements, they need to be submitted to Amber Ediger  by Thursday at noon.

Social Media
Your event may also be promoted through the Nebraska Law social media channels. If there are any relevant (speaker, organization, etc.) Twitter handles or hashtags, please be sure to include those in your event description.

Financing Your Event

The following forms can be used to help your organization maintain the budget. If you have questions, contact Cindy Harris.

AV Information

If you plan to use any kind of classroom technology including projectors or microphones/audio equipment, you must request I.T. assistance using the AV Request Form.  

More detailed information about what technology is available for Student Organization use can be found on our Law College I.T. page.

UNL Student Group Resources

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has resources available for those organizations that are consider Recognized Student Organizations through the Office of Student Involvement.

Who Can Help

If you need assistance with your event, you may contact any of the people listed below:

Patty Cavanagh - Calendar of Events, Room & Table Reservations
Law College I.T. - Audio Visual
Amber Ediger - Monitor Slides/Graphics, Social Media, Nebraska Law Branding
Meghan Rivera - ROSCOE Sign-up for Events
Bambi King - Event Photography
Molly Brummond - CLE/Speakers, General Information
Katie Pfannenstiel -  Food and Alcohol Vendors, Alcohol Permits, Parking, General Information
Sandy Placzek - Listservs