Combined 3-3 Program

The 3-3 Law Program allows qualified undergraduate students to begin studies at the University of Nebraska College of Law after three years of undergraduate studies. Students admitted to the program will use the credit hours awarded in the first year at the College of Law to complete their undergraduate degree requirements. The 3-3 Law Program allows students to receive their Bachelor’s degree and their Juris Doctor degree in six years rather than the traditional seven years.

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the program. An applicant will apply to the program during his or her junior year. An applicant will be automatically accepted into the 3-3 Law Program if the applicant:

  1. Has a valid LSAT score of at least 156.
  2. Has a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.6 or higher as calculated by the Law School Admission Council.
  3. Will have successfully completed at least 75% of the course credits required for his or her undergraduate degree, along with all other requirements of his or her undergraduate degree program, by the date of matriculation at the College of Law. Course credits may include no more than six credit hours of pass/fail course work.
  4. Has submitted on time the materials required of all applicants to the College of Law, including a completed application, satisfactory letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and records of the required course credits.
  5. Has not been on academic probation at any undergraduate institution.
  6. Has provided the College of Law with a letter from the relevant Dean, or other administrator of equivalent authority at the applicant’s undergraduate institution, stating that the applicant has completed all requirements for participation in the 3-3 Law Program and that the undergraduate institution will grant the applicant an undergraduate degree upon the applicant’s successful completion of the first year College of Law course work.

If the above requirements are satisfied, the applicant will automatically be accepted into the 3-3 Law Program unless there is information concerning the applicant that reflects adversely on the applicant’s character and fitness, including criminal citations, pending criminal charges, or criminal convictions. In such cases the application will be individually reviewed by the College of Law Admissions Committee.

A student who wishes to participate in the 3-3 Law Program but who cannot satisfy one or more of the above requirements may apply to the College of Law during his or her junior year in college for admission to the 3-3 Law College Program and the application will be individually reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

If the student is not admitted to the 3-3 Law College Program, he or she may subsequently apply without prejudice to the regular JD program.

For further questions regarding the 3-3 program, contact the College of Law Admissions Office